Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FHLC Fair Housing Law Bill-My Proudest Moment

When I came up with this idea after seeing far too many ads in the newspaper stating that HUD recipients could not apply for many of the rentals in our newspaper, and with a tight housing crunch on our island I decided to do something about it.

Little did I know that it would end up with my dear friend and neighbor Pua Vidinha, my eldest daughter Kaulana Donovan(Punohu), and one of the most famous politicians on our island, Joann Yukimura getting on a planer to the capitol to testify on a bill that Gary Hooser was kind enough to write for me, and it had the support of the Civil Rights Commission, Oha a host of community organizations, and a bevy of other politicians, including Neil Ambercrombie(Congressman), and Mina Morita in the State House, who actually helped to make this video, and Kauai Council members Lani Kawahara, Tim Bynum, Dickie Chang, Jay Furfaro,  and Derek Kawakami. Not to mention the incredible support from the community and even from around the country as different internet news sources picked up the efforts of my little coalition. We had so much support for our cause, and all sorts of coverage from the media, including off the grid media, such as Andy Parx, and Juan Wilson and Aloha Analytics, Save Kauai and others.

To see this video I cannot tell you the swell of pride I feel, in all of the people, media, organizations and political personalities that helped us to get to that moment. I will be re introducing this issue after the 2010 Gubernatorial Election is over. We hope to have a more favorable political climate for the effort, and I believe that the second time around is a charm. 

A huge aloha to each and every one of you who helped us. I can never thank you enough.

And am I proud of my daughter? Yes. Mom is very proud of her girl!

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