Monday, December 21, 2009


OK, I am starting a new tradition here on my blog. Each year, I will give out certain awards. The first award, will be going out to what I consider the top bootlickers/inside out coconuts. This award goes to what we mostly like to call "traitors" and "embarrasments". These are both men and women, or organizations, or groups from both the public and the private sector that have bowed to the 7 deadly sins.

These are:

Now there are so many who qualify this year, that it was really hard to get a real idea of who, was going to win the coveted award.

However, for your amusement, pleasure, and joy, here is my  choice for this years award.

WINNER 2009 Bootlicker/Backwards inside out coconut of the Year award goes to:

 Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele 

Yes, Mr. Steele qualified at the top of this list in every catagory? Why? Well, isn't it obvious. Because like a good bootlicker he was willing to be the puppet boy for the racist, kkk agenda to make sure that he was safe from lynch mobs, after the tea party folks took over the country. 

I mean, does any one remember Sarah Palins comment to Katie Couric about how the Jewish poeple should be allowed to expand anywhere they wanted becasue she expected a "mass exodus of them" soon, flooding into the country, then gave one of her famous winks, and cheek clucks as she grinned from ear to ear. Yep, the racist GOP. Out in full bloom and glory. Andf good old Michael steel willing to be their puppet, and be mastered by them.

Of course, due to his ethnicity and racial makeup we have to also give him the top inside outside coconut award as well, for a man that has not only spit on the graves of all of his ancestors, but actually sat on the heads of every single African American person in the world.

Yes, Michael Steele gets our reward with flying colors.

But what has this to do with the 7 deadly sins you might ask> Plenty.

Here is how it breaks down, kids.
ENVY. Michael Steele has a LOT of envy. He always wanted to be white, and respected. He wanted what the white poeple had. White poeple could be mean, say whatever they wanted and be bigoted becasue it was expected of them. THis, to Mr. Steele was real freedom, and he wanted in.

LUST...lust for POWER. Mr. Steele wanted it so very badly that he literrally sold his soul to get some all the other elephants, he wanted to eat from the trough of the rich and opress the poor, so he could feel equal to the opressors. Way to go, Steele!

WRATH...I assume someone did not want him in a protest march or something, or made fun of his socks or he couldnt dance, or something was up with his "blackness level". Something had to trigger this insane need to bootlick at the feet of the, sorry I mean ytthe OPatriots...err, Sarah, I mean the REPBUBLICANS

SORROW...he felt very veyr very very very veyr very very very sorry for himself. He also felt very sorry for the poor, opressed white poeple as well. He wanted to be their savior. But they said he could only be head of the GOP until they found a suitable white replacement, or Sarah Palin accepted the job.


Oh please this is a no brainer. The man was greedy, the man had pride in that he could do what no other person of color could do. Represent the racist white southern baptist minority in this country. Vain/glory/. Yep, thats Michal. very vain, and hoping for glory. He wants to be Martin Luther King Jr.....for the White Caucasion Racist Southern RIght Wing Supremacist Patriot Gun toting South.

So, again, to Michael Steel, we congratulate you. We hope you covet this award, since that is also part of the 7 deadly sins. Perhaps you might eat it with shoyu, or maybe lust after it, or be greedy with it and not show it to anyone.

Whatever you do with it, please, just keep on doing what you are doing.

We liberals are grateful.

Have a great 2010.

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