Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gary Hoosers group has money for a study for a cultural park

Everyone wants a compromise on the issue of the bike path at Wailua. There is. To understand this idea it is first and foremost important that you read this article.

Now, can we get the Senator onboard to look at a "Fourth Alignment Option?" Check out the next blog installment for an official press release.

Check out our pic in the Garden Island. Thanks to Mary Stone for her support. We can do this! YES we can!!


  1. Nice blog, Anne. Did you see the pic on the front page of today's paper. See if you can get a copy of it and post here?

  2. I found it http://www.kauaiworld.com/articles/2009/12/11/news/kauai_news/doc4b21f5c4c8a75055845399.txt


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