Monday, January 25, 2010

Glen Beck and his "Revolutioinary Holocasut" Tries to say that Hitler and Stalin were Liberals. We Pick it apart thread by stupid thread.

FUll Blown analysis of every statement trying to implicate liberal thought, or the Democratic Party, ect, to what this peice of ridiculous propaganda by Beck is trying to say., Besides the HORRIBLE copycat acting of Beck, trying to act like a real investigative reporter, and the ridiculous Glasses He tried to wear in the first video, but was gone for the rest of the video, I will pick apart the extreme rights REAL agenda. And if it wasn't for Glenn Beck I could not have done it. THANKS GLEN!!

The extreme right has a truly interesting base philosophical base, a mishmash of religious conservative ideology, cold war fear, and a confusing abhorrance for extreme right wing regimes, such as Hitler and Stalin, yet twists them around somehow, to be a liberal thinking philosophy. THis video makes the shocking defense of Adolf Hitlers regime as "nowhere near as bad as", other, more "liberal regimes, such as Mao Se Dong, and Che Guerra, using all of these past dictators, as somehow stating "We cannopt let this happen again, America and Americans must be vigilant."

In the first video, a picture of President Obama flashes. THen a look at Nazism and Hitler and Stalin. SPeaking of the Adoration of Hitler and Stalin, all of the insinuations of Beck are very thinly veiled, you can see right through them "Obama is revered just like Hitler was. Obama was for social programs, health care, ect. SO was Hitler.", He is not saying it outright but the implication is clear even to a fifth grader.

(I will be writting more)

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