Monday, January 18, 2010


Apparantly the answer is YES. In what has become my very first crack at "investigative reporting", I knew something was up when I saw this video. When The nice Rabbi gets all these 12 sacred horns, and has people hold and blow them that aren't of the Jewish faith, while wearing the sacred prayer shawls of the Jewish people, I was immediately alerted to protocol red lights going off in my head.

Maybe it is because I am a cultural practitioner, and I have seen so many many people ripping off the Hawaiian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American and Amazonian and South American tribal customs that the hairs stood out at the back of my neck. And it was NOT the costuming!~!

It was what the "Rabbi" was screaming at the top of his lungs..."GOD SAID LET THE BUILDINGS FALL LET THE CITY BE DESTROYED LET THE CITY BE DESTROYED!!", in apparently a re enactment of the "Walls of Jericho" incident in the bible/Torah.

Now, I smelled a RAT. A great big fat one that you could saddle up and ride if you could. SO I started investigating. I called my friend Mr. DePledge over at the Honolulu Advertiser, who gave me the name of the gentleman responsible for calling on the destruction of concrete buildings, while people in Haiti were crawling out from their own destructive earthquake which the "Reverend" Pat Robertson had just declared was "Their fault because they made a pact with the devil". (More on that on my blog).

Then, from there, I tracked him down to the GovernorsPrayerTeam website, calling the coordinator, who I did reach on the mainland. Turns out it was an old number, and the gentleman is no longer a part of the organization.

Well, I decided to unload on the poor guy anyways. Come to find out he was triple X shocked art what I told him, and he said that no Christian group or Jewish group would call on the destruction of buildings which would surely lead to loss of life.

It was then I realized, from looking back at the video I thought I saw someone blowing the horn that was from Kauai and a very prominent leader and an old freind of mine, and certainly not Jewish. But I am thinking maybe my eyes are bad, S so I am asking around trying to see if others think it is that person before I call that person up and give that person a decided piece of my mind.

Ah, but back to the Rabbi. So I tried to call him, but he wasnt taking calls it seems. The gentlemans name, "Rabbi" Daniel Jeshurin Vargas was the man in question. Now before I go on about someone, I need facts, so I called up one of the terrific Synagogues here, on Oahu, and got a terrific person on the other end who was frankly shocked and appalled as well.

I was told, that this person was known and was NOT A RABBI, but believed in coverting Jews to Christianity, or believed in some form of Jewish beliefs and Christianity all mixed up into one another. When I detailed the specifics of the ceremony again, the person was very shocked. I did get their views on civil unions and gays, which I actually found quite reasonable.

But I was told decidedly that his behavior was absolutely NOT CONDONED by the Jewish faith, and that Jewish people would NEVER CALL FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS OR LOSS OF LIFE> I also learned that again, this "Rabbi" is no Rabbi at all, and is not in any way connected to any legitimate ordained order or sect of the Jewiosh faith.

Then I sent this person, who was with the Chabad Of Hawaii (I did get permission to use the name) emphaticly stated several things:

1. The Jewish community would never condone such behavior
2. He is NOT an ordained Rabbi
3. The Jewish Community is not coming out against civil unions
4. What he did is completely against any type of Jewish faith.
5. He may be of Jewish ancestry, but is NOT a Rabbi
6. It was highly sacriligious to use such sacred items in such a way

So, to Mr. Vargas, I would like you to know that I will make sure people know about you, and your blasphemous group, and how you blasphemed the Jewish religion and faith by your actions. Shame and HEWA.

Of course, I realized after watching the video again how funny it was, if your idea had actually worked, the people were all crowded into the rotunda, thousands would have died, if the building had indeed fallen, and the city of Honolulu, had you been right and the horns would have destroyed the city, hundreds of thousands of people would have died, and a similar tragic situation would have been seen around the world.

And you, MR VARGAS would have been RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT!

I invite you to post here, Mr. Vargas and explain your heinous act of TERRORISM!!

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