Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My reaction to the HB444 Rally-APPALLED AND DISGUSTED

Thousands rally against same-sex civil unions bill | honoluluadvertiser.com | The Honolulu Advertiser


You might want to examine the actions of the "Rabbi Daniel Vargas", who, according to legitimate synagogues is NOT an ordained rabbi, and his screaming that the buildings should fall and the city should be destroyed and then having people blow 10 ram horns was considered highly blasphemous to the Jewish faith. Also, Mufi Hanneman and Duke Aiona are public servants and have a conflict of interest by showing up and espousing their religious beliefs at the state capitol which is not Gods house but ALL OF THE POEPLE'S HOUSE, including taxpaying gay legal citizens of the state of Hawaii. What that means, is that by association, these two politicians were in favor of crashing down buildings by blowing ram horns, and therefore share in the fake rabbis blasphemous sin of misusing the name of another legitimate religious belief. Truly shameful.

Were all of you wearing white because you think yourself more pure than the rest of the people in this state? It was quite gruesome, and I found the videos of the event quite disturbing. Native Hawaiians believed the color white to be the color of evil, and it was the color of all practicing anaana kahunas (ie the ones that prayed people to death). It is also the color used in voodoo ceremonies to pray an enemy to death. That, coupled with the screaming fake rabbi calling for the destruction of public property was nothing to be proud of.

Further, civil unions have nothing to do with religious marriage practices, and will not affect YOUR marriage status at all, therefore I do not understand what your issue is with a secular process, since it has nothing to do with any of your religious beliefs, since according to all of you gays are not permitted in all of your religions, why would you have a problem with it? Its not as if they will be joining any of you in your churches or religions anyway.

SO why don't you just stick to your religious beliefs and practice whatever you want to in your religious life, and leave the secular civil unions alone? It really has nothing to do with any of you, and is not about any of you, and none of you have any stake in it what so ever. Frankly it is none of your business. Further, I am apalled that Mufi who claims to be a Democrat would publicly attend an event like this, and be openly prejudiced against people. I thought only republicans did that shame on all of you. For the record, I am not gay., but straight.

Further, it is entirely reprehensible to me that so many people could be whipped into a frenzy over religious zealotism. Haven't you people learned anything from Jihadist terrorist groups making Islam look like a mockery of itself. You are nothing more than terrorists. Yes terrorists. You are inciting violence against your fellow human beings, you are publicly supporting prejudice, and you are coming out in force to say that some people do not deserve the same CIVIL RIGHTS as you do. WHen I see people of color, and young people in those crowds that's when I really become sick to my stomach.

How many of you are aware that people of color could NOT HOLD OFFICE IN THE MORMON CHURCH as recently as the 80s!!!! And that would include MUFI HANNEMAN!!! I was once enrolled in the Mormon church and was a convert. Not anymore. I found the more I realized what that religion was all about the least I wanted to do with it. I was grown up as a DEVOUT CATHOLIC!!! ANd I was so devout, I went to a Catholic private school, and believed in the church wholeheartedly. That was until all the priests started molesting little boys and girls, and I found out the histories of abuse, murder, torture and mayhem perpetuated in the name of Christ by the Catholic church. What are all of you talking about anyways? Is traditional marriage truly traditional?

I happen to know no fewer than THREE MORMON BISHOPS that have left their wives and children to fool around with mistresses. HOW IS THIS TRADTIONAL FAMILY VALUES? That really turned me off to the Mormon Church permanently and forever. But this show of prejudice, hate and fearmongering is the last straw for me. Do not expect me to stand by while all of you espouse your holy perfections and holier than thou attitudes while you continue to belong to religions that support such reprehensible beliefs. If Christ was here, he would throw you all out of the House of the Lord, let me tell you that. Christ was very political. All of you are like the Pharisees in the bible, which you all claim to espouse so perfectly.

The Pharisees were the conservative, judgmental law of the land who thought they were the be all and the end all of moral values. Christ ran around with 12 men, kissed them publicly on the cheek regularly and was unmarried and had no children. If Christ were alive today, you people all gathered there with your self righteous pompous attitudes would have surely accused him of being gay. DO NOT LIE because you KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE. You would be the ones to have condemned him, nailed him to a cross, and killed Christ, who would have died for your idiocy and stupidity. SO DO NOT TELL ME that you are all about CHRIST!!

There is NOTHING CHRISTLIKE in ANY of you, at all. I remain forever disgusted and embarrassed for each and every single one of you. When your time comes you will be most certainly judged. I am no longer a Christian, but I do believe in Christ. Believing in Christ is far different from being these modern styled self righteous judgmental prejudiced people that these individuals have become. Sickening. Shame.

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  1. And as a one two punch siudenote, Mufu Hanneman, who in my opinion is NO DEMOCRAT!, went out with all the other Mormons, and conducted an activity that is strictly forbidden to engage in on a Sunday. Tgis was not a religious observance, and is not one of the sanctioned pursuits allowed by the Prophet on a Sunday, so everyone there was pretty much breaking the Sabbath. In fact, in the bible that the so called "Christians" claim they follow to the letter, (which is whrer they get all their rhetoric against gays in the first place), clearly states that NO WORK OR ACTIVITY be done on the Sabbath, the Lords day of rest. Well I think getting all gussied up in white, carrying signs, and going to a political meeting is not exactly what Chritstians are supposed to do on a Sunday. They are supposed to sit around quietly and read there bibles, and not spend money or engage in secular pursuits which politics clearly is. I just love when p
    people say do as I say and not as I do. (BOL)Just thought I would throw that in there.


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