Friday, January 22, 2010


A Theocracy or a Secular Democracy?

I feel the time for me to speak out on my feelings regarding “Pro-lifers”, “Anti-gay” Activists, “Anti Contraception” activists, “Tea party activists”, and Right Wing Christian Extremists.

I do not want to live in a Theocracy. The definition of a Theocracy is: A system of Government where God or a diety is held to be the civil ruler, or a political unit governed by a diety (Or by officials believed to be divinely guided).

World Theocracies include: Iran,Vatican City,Saudi Arabia, Israel, Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan., and many African and South American Military Regime countries.

I feel that people who do not want to live in a Secular Democracy, which include the Untied States, should seek citizenship elsewhere.

In the case of “Pro Lifers”, the only reason why a woman feels the need to have an abortion is because some man in her life didn't have enough sense to put on a condom first. Men are the sole cause of pregnancies in women, since women cannot “get themselves pregnant”. Therefore it is men that hold the sole responsibility for each and every pregnancy in this country. Until the men will step foreward and take responsibility for their children, legal, safe abortions are the right of every woman who chooses to abort pregnancies . This is not Iraq or Afghanistan where women are forced to have children even in the case of rape, incest, or force. In those societies single parents are ostrasized. It is worse than death. Some may even be killed for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Men rule in these theocracies and women and children have absolutely no rights at all.

In Theocracies, women can sometimes not even vote or go out of the house, or go out without being covered from head to toe. Murdering your wife, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt or any member of your female family members are not illegal. When women are raped, they go to jail for fornicating. The man usually goes free, since the women is usually blamed for the crime. In many Theocracies, female mutilation is common, and polygamy is common.In many theocracies you cannot have freedom of the press or freedom of speech. There is not freedom to think for oneself, or protest against your government. You must all be of the national religion, and you must do as religious leaders tell you to do. In many Theocracies there are no social services at all such as food stamps and help for single parents. In Theocracies there is no health care.

There is no housing. In many theocracies there is on ly war, strife, poverty, and rampant disease, lack of medical facilities and clean water. In Theocracies, since abortion, and all contraception are not allowed there is population explosions, high infant mortality rates, and women have a very short life expectancy., thus leaving many children orphaned, since many men are killed during frequent wars. In some Islamic countries you have a choice as a gay person to either have a forced sex change operation, and life as the opposite gender, with loss of all rights as a male, or jailed, and possibly tortured and killed. In some African countries, women whose men have been killed, and their children killed and murdered, are then raped and then forced to keep the children, and then watch them die of starvation and AID's since there are no services or care for them. Many of these women die, leaving the children of the rapists completely homeless and orphaned.

Is this what you have in mind, when you attempt to insert religion into every facet of our governing the United States? Is this idea of a Theocracy what you have in mind when you call yourself a “Patriot”?

I suggest you all think very carefully about what living in a Secular Democracy really means. It means we are not Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan., but America, a Secular Democracy where we pay taxes so that popel can have services, where people have freedom, where women are not treated as cattle and baby factories, and people of a different gender can have relationships, where there is freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Where it is illegal to rape women, to force them to give birth in the case of rape, incest and medical jeopardy. Where it is illegal to kill your wife, where men can be held responsible for their children to a certain degree, and where women do not have to cover themselves from head to toe if they choose to or share their husbands with three other women. Where women can vote, and have property rights, and be a single woman when the man abandons her, she can get help for herself and her children, she has the right of divorce as well.

I for one am not going to give up my rights and freedoms and live in a Theocracy for anyone.

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