Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oan Bokaer of Cornell University's Theocracy Watch gives a rundown on the growing danger of Dominionism, also known as Christian Reconstructionism, the ideology

Here is the amazing more meat and potatoes of where this movement is coming from. a scholarly treatise amazing. we have all the names now we know. This is real This is happening. THe America we iknow it will be gone, to be replaced by a Christian Theocratic Rule, worse than the Taliban ever could be. Many will be killed or jailed. People will live in squaler and poverty. Jailes will be filled tom overflowing. Jim Crow laws will be repealed, as will equal rights, women rights, roe v wade, and every single huan right we have in this country. People will live as slaves, liberals will be jailed, killed or enslaved, as will gays. Is this what you want? Then keep separation of Church and state, or we are all doomed people.

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