Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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yes, I believe that Obama is genuine. However, I AGREE with you that 911 may have been an inside job. However, President Obama had nothing to do with that. He was in no way involved with 911 on any level at all. I am talking about that 13 part series that you posted on your website. I have watched each and every one of those. I have posted them up on my channel, under favorites on one of my playlists. I got a pot of coffee, and sat up and watched them all. As I said, I agree with that presentation.

What I do not agree with, is the fact that everyone is freaking out about socialism/marxism/communism. They are three distinctly different agendas and belief systems. What I actually believe in is equity and equality, two different idealogies, believe it or not. I believe, that a government that is ruled by the people is an imperative, and that the people have the right to vote out of office corrupt officials no matter who they are. I also believe, that all levels of society deserve equal treatment, and the same rights across the board. When I say that, what I mean is an equitable right to a job, a home, a piece of land, education, health care and quality of life, and freedom from racial or unfair prosecution in society.

Now to some, the idea of this type of equality equates to some strange sort of "communist.Marxist/Socialist" hybrid society, where individual freedoms are lost in favor of everyone having the right to these things automaticly without having to work for them. I believe this type of idealogy is what people are so panicked about. They imagine gulags, or forced housing, or forced labor, like cooperatives in communist China, and everyone wearing uniforms, and chanting Chairman Maos name, or something ridiculous like that.

What people fail to understand, at least in my opinion, is that as no government should lie to its people, subject them to unreasonable search and seizure, and deny them their humanistic rights, so too should the lessor of society be provided for when circumstances have prevented them from benefitting or taking advantage of the full scope of quality of life enjoyed by others. What I am talking about are very basic needs. Housing, food, and healthcare and decent paying jobs. Imagine if everyone had that, all around the world in every country. Do you honestly think we would be having wars? Famines? Rampid diseases? Unchecked population growth? depletion of rescources?

Most importantly, the immergence of radical religious views would be virtually stomped out as well. That includes, radical, extremist, right wing Christianity, White Supremacy groups, ect. I mean come on, there are actually Christian groups out there that believe the earth is flat, the earth is 6 thousand years old, and a man is the head of the family, and womans job is to have child after child after child to build up the white race. That is every bit as bad as radical, extremist Muslim beliefs. There is absolutely no difference. Those right wing christian groups are forming malitias, arming each other, talking about race wars and "defending the homeland", it is the same thing. They have a religious extremist jihadist agenda. THey are essentially every bit the terrorists, as the extremist Muslims are. No difference whatsoever.

Now some people call this a new world Order. Let me say I am in no way agreeable to microchipping, and big brother. I absolutely hate that whole concept and idea. If I want to go off the grid I should have a right to do that. At the same time, I still believe that the way to stomp out the next third world war and terrorism, is for the world to have some sort of an ethical code. Something that says, hey this will NOT be allowed, such as radical extremism, mass killings, religious extremism, the subjugation of women and children, forced labor, slavery, and martial law.

Now, in our own country, the extreme radical right wing conservatives have really gone off their rockers. I personally believe Rush Limbaugh to be one of the most vile foul mouthed people alive. Honestly, if you listen to hate filled speeches by Hitler, and you listen to this guy there is really no difference. Anne Coulter is another one, so is Sarah Palin. I just cannot accept that people who spew hate and racism mean anything good for anyone. Hate and racism have no place in the world anymore. So, if you feel that these people are somehow good people who really care about equity and equality they dont.

What they are worried about is what people think is a growing inbalance in the world, ie white people vs oh say everyone else in the world. White people believe they are becoming a minority and that is just not acceptable to them. They see everyone as a threat to them. They are worried about the ideologies and freedoms that they have to live inequitably and above others. Imagine what Rush Limbaugh would do if there wee peace in the world, and no racism, and everyone had a job and decent housing and healthcare? What could he have to talk about? Not much. He would be a janitor in a public school somewhere, going home to his apartment at night and hugging his cat before he went to bed each night.

So yes, I agree there is some bad stuff that did go down and is still going down. But I believe that President Obama is a genuine man, whom the rest of the world can at least listen too. I mean look at it this way. If her really is such a bad guy, why did every country on the planet celebrate his inaugeration. We, as Americans, are extremely blind, if we cannot see what the rest of the world can. A better representation of the future, and of America. We can put our past of racial inequality behind us, move forward into the future. Well this is just my opinion, anyways. Like I said, there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle. The question is who really has it right? Who really has the right pieces? Are right wing pundits and hate mongerers really the ones with all the answers? Are those who are afraid that everyone can have healthcare really barking up the wrong tree? As far as I am concerned they should understand that when the least of society is cared for, the whole of society benefits. The bible even says that.

Anyways, wow, this has been a great discourse with you, I have really enjoyed it. Two good thinkers should be able to have an intelligent discourse without swearing and cussing. I think you are the first one I have ever posted to who can actually do that!. Amazing. I have hope. The Audacity, huh? *s*

ps, if you would like to debate any of this further, I do have a rather large and extensive blog, and I would welcome the continuing dialogue. The blog is http://punohublog.blogspot.com. please, feel free to continue this. I find you are quite rare among many I have met on the internet, as you don't swear, or get stupid when discussing issues. All my posts are moderated, But I will be happy to publish anything. I have put all of those videos up on my blog as well.

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