Friday, January 1, 2010

Racist Extreme Right Starting the Year off with a bang

(The "warm Eyeball" comment is priceless. "Stuff like this shaped my politics!" hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa)

(When Palin says this, she is speaking about a mass exodus of "Jews" from the US, should the racist right wingers WIN-this was before the Presidential election, of course, which reveals the SOLIDLY RACIST and extremist White Supremacist views of Sarah Palin.)

(More evidence of her extremist, racist views. It is well known that one of the policies of White Supremacist groups, is that aborting white babies is a crime, becasue according to them, there are not enough whites anymore for White Supremacy, so it is White Womens job to produce as many White children as possible, to keep the numbers above all other races on earth. That is why this right wing push to put back laws that forbid abortion, and allow for adoption, even in the cases of rape and incest and the health of the mother. The idea, is to make sure that they have a lot of children given them, to indoctrinate them into the ways of the White Supremacist philosophies, much like Native American children were placed in White Catholic families homes, and thought to be "civilized." For the argument, where women of other races are concerned, White Supremacist groups have stated that abortion, and adoption for children of color should not be subsidized, nor should the children, and that they would either need to do 2 things: comprise the slave class, or move back to their supposed areas of racial origin. No subsidies should be given to these children, women or help.

Now, I am not making this stuff up. These philosophies are widespread throughout the uinternet and on White SUpremacist videos, especially Christian ones. The assertian, is that Christianity is a WHITE mans religion. So, listen to these philosophies a little bit more when you here them espoused from the pulpit, and see what sort of disaster this would really give for earth. Right now, a birth is in the world every 14 seconds, a death every 23. That measn 2 births for every one death. THat means the earth will not be able to sustain its population. Which means a stretching of infrastructure, land, and natural resources and food. This in turn will cause war, which will never balance the scales out in deaths, due to the fact that the policies would remain the same.

Those policies would be that it would be acceptable to impregnate a woman or minor through rape, a woman must give birth even if she might die and leave other children behind, and that contraception would be illegal. The reason for this, of course, would be to maintain military supremacy. It is a viscous circle. And a horrific one. And certainly not one the biblical Jesus, who supported all races, and classes of people would ever agree with.

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