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Description:The Alum Sacred Mountain, Bulahdelah, between Taree and Newcastle, is under threat by the RTA who plan to build a 6 lane hwy through the base of the mountain held sacred for time out of mind by the indigenous “Worimi” people of that country. It is traditionally believed to be a place where the spirits of the dead go to wait to be reincarnated. At the base of the mountain is a bora ring, burial site, a healing stream, ochre ground, many canoe trees and a Guardian Tree. The Guardian Tree is believed to be up to 700 years old. Traditionally when people were dying they would be laid under the tree on a platform, and when they passed away their bodies would be left under the tree with their spirit waiting until the bones were finally carried to the top of the mountain to a burial place. If the RTA’s plans for the highway go ahead these trees and bora ring, stream and pools will be destroyed, the ground itself blasted into several meters deep to find the solid rock that could support a highway, which could compromise the fragile top of the mountain and cause landslides and even more degradation. Uncle Worimi, the custodian who with his family has been passionately defending this, his ancestral land and has been camping at the site, recently suffered a heart attack due to a violent attack inflicted by some of the local townspeople. He underwent open heart surgery with a 2 in 7 chance of surviving and is now recovering in hospital. The police have said that the place must be evicted of anyone supporting Uncle Worimi by Friday 28th August 09 so that the RTA can move in. Now is the time that awareness must be generated, and anyone able to support Uncle Worimi and the mountain please contact Malcolm or go to the site itself. Sadly on the 23rd December 2009 the Guardian-Healing Tree was cut down by the RTA, and this action was supported by Karuah Local Aboriginal Land Council, State Aboriginal Land Council, NSW Police and SNP Security. There are still more Sites on the Alum Mountain to Save, and still more that we can do. Contacting Peter Garrett, minister for the Environment, Heritage and Arts, letting him know your feelings about this, can be done through his direct e-mail.

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