Friday, February 26, 2010


Ok, I am so wound up I can't sleep. Not to mention my back is in pain because I am not supposed to do anything. But I joined the rest of the handicapped in the front row, with the blind, deaf, and other disabilities. They were awesome. They conducted themselves a lot better then I did myself. After telling everyone to have Sunday manners, I went a little bonkers towards the end.

I kept asking the two people who came to tell us what we already know why the clients cannot also sit at the negotiation table with the Governor and the Union. Apparently we dont count. Our opinion doesnt count. Everyone else knows whats best for us. I was never so enraged in all my life.

THey didn't care. Plus they just straight out lied to everyone. What they are talking about is privatizing services, kicking out all of the state employees putting in unqualified individuals to be essentially paperpushers, and thats it.

Apparently our social workers are just a bit too nicve to us and caring. we cant have THAT in the Lingle administration. NO WAY.

Well, rather then sit down and be quiet I got a little mouthy. I was seeing totally red by the end of that meeting. We need to sue and sue HARD. Howe does 250 million dollars sound? Nice round figure? Yep it sure is. How about calling in the state department to check things out, maybe a Federal lawsuit, or something huh?

DO THE CLIENTS HAVE ANYONES ATTENTION YET? Nope. They were completely unfazed by this and just couldnt care less.

I was surprised when Jimmy Tokioka showed up and said absolutely no one fwas for this in the legislature.

But as Jimmy darn well knows, this whole thing is being passed through WITHOUT Legislative review because it is allowed by law to change the rules without going through the leg. Pretty smart huh? But think thats all? Its not, sadly.

Now, another agency the state housing agency is proposing similar measures meant to streamline but its really not about streamlining its about getting rid of the dead weight....the clients.

Seems as if the state wants a better class oif renter in their public housing units. So they are shakin things up to make that happen. Just like the DHS wants less people on the rolls so they come in with no plan, no numbers, no nothing. Just "We gonna shut everything down". Thats it.

Housing has plans for credit checks, a preference for working people and looking for better tenants, like ones that can afford the market rate. Then they can go on to home ownership. While the elderly, disabled and thoxse on the street are to move DOWN the priority list. Sounds cozy doesn't it/ Way to go to see your community and the people of this state.

Well, guess what? WE THE CLIENTS, as in We The People, have awoken out of our slumber. WE are fully ready for an attorney to come along and help us with a nice , fat, juicy class action lawsuit. One that will name every client in the state, and give each of us a million bucks a pop so that we dont need housing or welfare anymore. Its the least the state can do. Don't you think?

If you dont like this idea, call the Governors office and your rep and tell them to ixnay on the anplay. (NIX DA PLAN). They shut up then we shut up simple. Pull the plug on the WAR AGAINST THE POOR.

Sheesh enough already.

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