Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I am the Democratic Rottweiler to Republican Sarah Palin's Pitbull

Palin for President 2012

I am known as the Democratic Party Sarah Palin.

I may not be pretty, but I am a regular person, a mom, and a Rottweiler to SP's Pitbull.

I am a single mom too, which is even better. Plus I am not rich, and I don't shoot wolves for fun.

I don't beleive that the Government should be in my business either, especially when it comes to regulating my body or the bodies of others. Thats why I am Pro CHoice. It is one thing to protect a fetus, it is another to destroy it, doom it to a lifetime of poverty and opression, and then send it off to war and then kill it. Prolonging the inevitable for 18 years is torture. And I do not condone torture, or murder, or killing.

I also do not beleive in making both men and women impotent through the spread of infectious and deadly diseases that are caused by not wearing a condom during sex, wether you are married or not. These diseases make people barren by the millions worldwide every single year all over the world. Again, I am pro LIFE, that is why I am PRO Choice.

Another thing, is I am about empowering Americas women. Not about taking their power away. Not about making them suffer both physical and mental anguish by forcing them to have unwanted pregnancies that may or may not have been their choice to have in the first place. That is not what being an empowered woman is all about. Further, I am against domestic violence. I do not condone the behaviors of pedephiles and rapists, and I do not support their right to force children on their victims. Further, as I said, I am PRO LIFE that is why I am PRO CHOICE. If a mother of five dies giving birth to her sixth child, that leaves 6 children motherless. I am for motherhood, not against motherhood. That is why I am PRO LIFE. I am PRO CHOICE.

I do not beleif that our country should be a theocracy and I strongly beleive in a separation of church and state. Therefore, I do not beleive that traditional marriage would be in any way damaged by the right of same sex couples to marry. First of all, they cannot produce children. This will prevent many unwanted pregnancies in the country and will prevent abortion, as well as prevent chuildren that conservatives hate to pay for on the welfare rolls. THis should make fiscally conservative Republicans beam with joy since that would save possibly billions in tax payer dollars on social services, needing more public schools, and things like healthcare. L:ess poeple on the health care rolls menas more savings for the fiscally conservative out there.

Also, traditional marriage is suffering all on its own, without the help of gays. The divorce rate in this country has just hit an alltime high, and domestic violence from married couples accounts for most of the abuse in this country. Rarely do gay couples abuse each other. And their divorce rate is zero, since they can't marry. Traditional family values? Seems like gays have more family values that opposite sex couples. So I am voting for traditional family values, that is why I support gay marriages, and gay rights.

Equity and equality. I also beleive in that. I beleive in the average, struggling, hard tax paying working poor. The working poor and lower middle income families support this entire country. The upper middle classes and the rich have had enough tax breaks, and I for one am sick of welfare-corporate welfare.. Working class families need support in housing and social services, and they don't need to pay any more taxes then they already do. They also need better paying jobs, and a better federal minimum wage. So, I support not increasing taxes. You betcha.

Finally, I am an American. Actually I am one of the first Americans. Therefore, if you want to talk patriotism, then I am really your girl. Sarah Palin does not have any blood other than white. She has kept her gene pool pure. Must have been hard to do in the last 400 years but her family somehow managed it. Not mine. I am a mixed race person, and representative of most of the country right now. I am also a single parent. With almost 50 percent of adults in childbearing age being single parents, and in the working poor or lower middle income bracket, I think I am way more representative of the average American Patriot than Sarah Palin is.

I stand for decent values. Things like equity, choice, real freedom, equality and compassion for our fellow human beings no matter what their circumstances. race, creed or natonality. All are equal. Each equaly deserves the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I stand for the real AMerica that Sarah Palin shuts her eyes too. They are circling the wagons around the last vestiges of race, class, separatism, extreme nationalism, and extreme right wing Christianity, bigotry and intolerance.

I also beleive in protecting and preserving our environment, and also in stopping pollution, and I beleive in negotiation, mediated confrontation and national cooperation to offset war, as well as reparations to countries we devastate in the process. I am for educating the worlds population, increasing safe food production, bringing in safe drinking water, decent homes and shelters, and that includes our people at home right her in America.

You cannot call a disaster an act of God one week, and then the next mock environmentalists for being tree huggers and trying to "save mother earth." She cannot be your mother one week and your father the next. Gender bias has no place in environmental protections. When it suits them, the Right Wing Theocratical Republican Party will blow the horn of the end of the days and biblical prophesies when third world countries suffer devastating natural disasters with increased intensity yet do nothing to admit that man may have had a hand in it, believing that only God of the Judeo Christian bible would send such a punishment on such already impoverished people. Yet, when it snows here in our country in the Winter, they crow that environmentalists are wrong about climate change and nothing is wrong.

They equate the worshiping of the mother earth to blasphemy, and call it witchcraft, and call environmentalists hippies, yet it is a fact that the earths population would have doubled in the last 20 years due to theocratical regimes in other countries outlawing birth control and elective abortions thus causing population explosions that have caused wars, famines, droughts, mass genocide of entire populations and caused a worldwide food shortage and an agricultural crisis due to over use of the land, over-population, pollution, lack of basic necessities and infrastructure, and jobs for millions and millions of people, and also causing infant mortality and child mortality rates to soar worldwide. This is hypocracy of the worst kind. That is why I am for protecting the earth, and family planning, and an international minimum wage, and negotiation over war as a last resort, force if absolutely necessary.

Thats what I stand for. The Rottwieler to Sarahs Pit Bull.

Yes, I am the Democratic Sarah Palin. The Rottweiler is off her chain. The pitbull better hope she is faster, stronger and smarter. Because who knows who might run in 2012.

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