Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Census touted: Millions of federal dollars are at stake

2010 Census touted: Millions of federal dollars are at stake

THe census may be the real reason we have a budget shortfall in this state. Without an adequate count we have been losing our share for years. In fact, if we actually had an adequate count, we could have more representation in the Senate and the house, and even in congress thus giving Hawaii MORE delegates, and a larger voice in the way government is operated and give more opportunities to people for running for public office.

Further when we do planning, its imperative that we have accurate numbers especially for things such as dumps, where counting those who are in public housing will prevent dumps from being built in areas with high poverty, part of the Environmental Justice Law.

Nor only that, Kauai can get more for social services, highways, and parks and recreation. By not helping poeple to understand what the census is and what it is for everyone does a disservice to their neighborhoods, their communities, their families and the state and the country. If you really care about yourself your family and your community you will fill out the census. Dont wait for someone to come knocking at your door to remind you not to be an ostrich with your head stuck in the sand. IT doesnt take that long to figure out.

And for you fiscally conservative types, when you fill out the form and send it in and poeple dont have to come knocking at your door, you actually save the taxpayers money. SO get a grip, grip a pen, and sign in to the 2010 census.

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