Monday, March 22, 2010

Ann Coulter Threatened With Criminal Charges in Canada

Ann Coulter Threatened With Criminal Charges in Canada

this from FOX news. I normally would never use anything they write except when I try to show up how ignorant they are and totally insane. But this is too good to [pass up The Canadian Government University sent Coulter a letter stating that they have stricter freedom of speech laws then un the US, so she better shut her yap with all of her racist hatred fearmongering KKK dialogue. WOHOO I wish people here would get the guts to tell her the same thing HATS OFF TO CANADA!!

Canada is passing the US in terms of health care, civil rights, and all other issues. THey may be the dominant nation over the US pretty soon if the Fright WIng nutjobs in this country dont sit down and shut up.

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