Friday, March 5, 2010

everyone is welcome. we will take the outside seating. I will be holding about 10 chairs or so, early so come and join us. We will take a pledge of the coffee party which states we will be conducting ourselves in a civil manner and encouraging civil discourse over a nice cup of cofee and great food, supporting our local businesses and putting money back into the economy.

NO SIGNAGE OR PROTESTING!! We are not about that. This is not about shouting and yelling at each other and acting in a hateful manner. This is sitting down like afults and politely discussing the issues of the day. We get the real issues out there, and cut out the hype. We cut through the Fuxed News, i mean FOX news, sorry, excuse that little slip there.  We show people the truth about health care and many other issues by peacefully gathering over a cup of coffee, rather than frothing at the mouth over a cup of tea.

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