Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holy Poi Balls, Batman! Bunning, Reid cross words over unemployment

Bunning, Reid cross words over unemployment

HOLY POI BALLS BATMAN!! Is this guy for REAL? This is the true face of the Republican party. This is the insanity under which their idealogy and policies rail against the poor, working poor, and disadvantaged, elderly and handicappaed, and now...those who need unemployment extensions, clearly because the prejudiced republican party feels that these peeple are lazy bums asking for a handout...which is ridiculous..do not deserve to eat, or have a rood over their heads. THis will be great news for Hawaii republicans, who hate their fellow man, and enjoy watching the less fortunate suffer under the brutal regime of our Governor, who while stating she loves the people of hawaii does everything she can to cut services to them. Disgusting VOTE OUT ALL REPUBLICANS in 2010!!

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