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Kingdom of Atooi: A New Synopsis, and a new name, Kamawailualanimoku

After my first investigastive report and thesis, it came into my notice and understanding and rememberance of a certain clause and activity that was done historicly not only on  this island but others, to proclaim and create an Alii Moi when the person actually had no geneological claim to it

Now as you know I couldnt claim to my satisfaction that AIpoalani had any legitimate geneological claims to becoming the Kauai Moi. However, there is another way he could actually be claimed legitimately in my eyes as the Alii Moi.

Here they are:

Restore one of the Pio lines, such as Mano Ka Lani Po, and return the name of Kauai to Kauai Mano Ka Lani Po, as this was its name for hundreds of years, and is backed up by histroric, chants, moolelo, and documentation. and get rid of the whole "Atiooi" inoa, and any other derivitives they have been batting around.  That would really help to lift a large and derisive cloud of illegitamancy the "Kingdom" has been getting, even from me.

2. Restore Kauais sacred name, which is NOT Atooi, but Kamawailualanimoku .
This name is supported by many chants, kahiko, moolelo and documentation. It is even in the Kumulipo. 

4.  Legitimately call together the rest of the living lines of Alii NUI, MO'I, and PIO lines, ect. I have listed them all in a former posting
This will take, time and research, and locating many people. However, to really solidify and make Aipoalani someone that EVERYONE can support, it MUST be done according to PROTOCOL. 
You need to call together everyone, and get their consensus and agreement that YOU, Dayne Aipoalani, will by right of "conquest" and "defeat" claim Kauai as yours, and ask all to swear loyalty to YOU. If all agree, essentially it becomes a "bloodless Coup."

Why do I beleive this is the way to go? Because it was something your claimed ancestor did, as well as Kauais legitimate Moi, Kaumualii, diplomacy, and right of conquest combined. After all, it is not practicle to actually have a battle and a war here, but that is how Kamehameha the First elevated himself from a minor wohi cheif, along with the help of English cannon, guns and ships to conquer other islands. But this is a very different situation. 

If you can suceed in convincing all the other cheifly lineages here, with living legitimate heirs, that YOU are the best konohiki for the job, and everyone agrees by consensus, that you by sheer force of will, personality and perseverance deserve the right to rule Kauai as Kauais Mo'i, then I can see absolutely no impediment to you doing so.

 5.Create an Islandwide Constitution. This must be agreed upon by all of the delegates, hereditary family alii lines and heirs, that will elect you as Kauai Moi, and all agreed upon tenents, including land divisions. It is here, where your superior skills of geneology must be employed fairly, while all are before you, to decide who will be the konohilis, Alii, ect. I suggrdt that you begin to employ the hghly trained and knowlegeable geneologists wherever you can find them they are numerous and many. You must also call to your side the last living Kupunas, historians, and archivists. Many documents must be perused, to decide who will attend. You will have many petitions before you, from many poeple clamoring for the right to attend and be a part of this, since many hundreds have claim to the alii class here.You must put forth your list, and Your constitution. Then all must vote on it.

6. Ratify  and implement the New Constitution. After the constitution has been ratified (agreed to), then you must implement it, by designating the different Aliis, and konohikis for each specific areas. They each must be an excellent choice, and be good caregivers of all the poeple. This is the old and accepted way. Your choices must be wise. If you choose wrongly, it will reflect upon You. Remember, that all couldbne deposed by the poeple. This was the old way. You do not want to be a tyrant, and damage your people, you want to be a kind, and benevolent ruler.

7. Land Aquisition. After the Aliis and the Konohikis are named, and in place, each one will call together the people. Land claims then can begin islandwide. IN each konohiki district, all claims will be taken to the ALiis, who will then meet with you, the ALii Moi. It is up to You, then to take these claims, and work through the legal details, with the court attorneys for returning these lands to each alii, and Konohiki who will then redistribute the lands to the people. You must actually make sure they do this, and do not cheat the poeple, or keep the land for themselves, or are fair and equtable in their distribution of the lands. You must allow a Land Court to be put forth to deal with any claimants, so that any greivances can be brought before your courts. You must also establish a court system as well, including naming who will sit in on these cases, and decide them, and  keep the laws of the land, which you will be creating within the new constitution. The laws must be fair. Remember, all who live under your rule must be cared for. This includes non Hawaiians, as well as those with Hawaiian blood. The great Queen Liliuokalani had subjects of all races and nationalities. So will you.

8. Commerce, Indistry, Health, Safety, Welfare, and Education. You must now begin the task of overseeing all of the cabinents and tenents of governments. Each appointment you make must be done very carefully. Remember you do not wish to impose more suffering on the poeple. They have already been though so much. You must now begin to build up the economy, infrastructure, secure loands, and raise capitol to finance all public institutions, and form an economic infrastructure. People must be housed, fed, cared for, and their educational and medical needs provided for. Their must be road maintenence, police, fire, rescue, and all other manner of departments created.  You will need money for staff, and you will more then likely need to float bonds to accomplish this.

9. The new (old) Kingdiom of Kauai Manokalanipo, or Kamawailualanimoku whichever one is agreed upon, by a consensus of the cheifly lines, which have electedf islandwide to accept you as the ALii Moi of Kauai decides upon, You now must establish a language, and a monetary base for your currency. This must be backed up by some sort of an ecomony which may take some time to establish. You will also need to pay off any bonds floated to you, or any international loans you may have been able to seure, to keep the social safety net alive for the thousands of poeple who will still need to rely on services for them. This was something that all of the ALii Mois of the Kingdom of Hawaii Nei have had to do. It proved very difficult, and required negotiating a lot of treaties, the problem came when floating bonds and loans, were paid off with land, because liquid assets were scarce for the Hawaiian Monarchy. But I am sure that for you, this will not be a problem.

a)You will, of course, immediately restore the Kingdoms language to the KAUAI DIALECT, and you, yourself, will begin to relearn the proper dialect of the ALiis. You will ensure that Hawaiian, Olelo, is the language of  Kauai, Manokalanipo, or Kamawaibuilanimoku the primary language, and if you choose to then, English can also be a secondary language. You must of course, in this case, make sure that all government documents, public documents, and all commuinications be in these dialects, and then traslated into English, much as the government now translates its documents into many languages. The people must also be taught in the schools Hawaiian(Olelo) first, then English of course, or Spanish, or whatever other language you feel should be the secondary language. After all you are the Moi, its your call. You may choose to have the secondary language, be another country with which you have strong diplomatic ties, with or economic ties with. It is entirely up to you. That is why in French Polynesia, or Tahiti, the language is French and not English, because of this very thing. Well, that and the fact that they were colonized by the French as well. English becasme Hawaiis secondary language becasue of course the diplomatic ties, were with England. It was not the American language but the English language which was predominate along with the Olelo. You may again establish Olelo language newspapers across Kauai. We could have French as our secondary language, or even Spanish, or Maori, or Tahitian. Its up to you. You realize that true native speakers will be required to restore the original language. There are however few speakers of the ALii class language. Beleive it or not, I beleive Mr. Robinson is actually fluent in this level of Olelo. I am sure he would be more then willing and gloriousely happy and proud to help you, and all of the other ALiis restore the correct vernacular to the Alii class. remember, the commoners language and that of the ALii class were vastly different.

b)You will see that the currency will need to be backed by SOMETHING. Unfortunately for this situation, the only real asset you will have is the land. That is why land aquisition must occur BEFORE the coinage of a currency. You must have something to BACK UP the currency with. But thats not a problem, since you will be reinstituting intensive agriculture on Kauai, to make the land produce. Virtually everyone will be able to contribute, since all will have their ili lands returned to them, each family will be alotted its due, and all can keep the ecomomy afloat. Then, the currency can be backed by a certain economic flow. Tourism, must also be regulated, and that will also be a source of income, as well as any other venture you and the Moi want to establish to help to boost the economy.

10. With you now seated firmly and duly agreed upon to all of the cheifly lines on Kauai, you have restored the correct names to Kauai nei, you have brought the cheifs together, had yourself elected and proclaimed as alii nui, you have gotten the loans and bonds that you needed and returned the land to the poeple, gotten the economy rolling, kept essential services going, restored the language,and have appointed to your cabinet learned, educated, and knowlegeable poeple who have the ability to help to support the ALii and the Konohikis to keep their districts safe, clean, and well ordered, you have done what I beleive in your heart of hearts wanted to. Been proclaimed the King of ALl Kauai, and I suppose you would like to include Niihau in that, although I am not sure how Mr. Roibinson will feel about that, but I am sure through your fine and excelent diplomatic skills it can be accomplished.

I wish you godspeed,  and hope to see you take this course of action that I have suiggested. I beleive that you truly want to be the King, the ALii Moi. I believe that you would rather follow the well meant, and well thought out advice I am giving you. Many of Hawaiis Kings had advisors. After all, Kamehameha the First had 13 of them. They all told him to go and conquer Kauai, and take Kaumualii prosoner, or kill him. He listened to them,something of not taking a more better course of action. However, his son did listen to those same  advisors. Of course, his ship was wrecked on his reckless attempt to conquer Kauai, based on the advice of his advisors, spurring him on that he was the rightful King of Kauai. Luckily foe him, Kam II met a good, benevelent, and diplomatic King of Kauai by the name of Kaumualii, who cared for him, fed him, outfitted him and sent him right back to Oahu. Such is the famousness of the Kings of Kauai. Yes, advisors can be many, but the advice must be wieghed form all angles. Because a King must have advisors to surround him. And as every wise King knows. Not all should agree with him on everything. There needs to always be a balance.

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