Friday, July 30, 2010


There are only three for now. I will be making the last four endorsements next week.

They are:

Derek Kawakami
Kipukai Kuali'i
Nadine Nakamura

Here are the websites of these fine candidates. Please cast your vote in the direction of these Kaua'i residents, who for me, have demonstrated the worthiness to sit on the council.

Why am I endorsing these three candidates? I do not give out my endorsements easily. I have specific criteria. One of them is that they have to have an even personality, a calm demeaner, without appearing cold, and they have to have roots to this island in some way. Another criteria I have is flipping and flopping. I do not like wishy washy candidates, who copy opthers rhetoric, or talk about the great "I am", or have a pompous attitude, or who do not listen to other peoples ideas even though they may make sense, but conflict with their own. I do not like candidates who cause dissension and disharmony and who try to take the credit for everything, and act like spoiled Divas on the council.

For me, Derek, as a freshman Council member has behaved admirably well,. He has not displayed any of the red flag behaviors I have seen others display when on the council that would point to a bad policy maker. He has done excellently well, and he is fair and balanced. He can disagree with you without making you feel like you are beneath him or not as good as he is. Others, sad to say display extrfmely pompous behavior, and think only they have the good ideas, and yours are really worth nothing. That is why DEREK KAWAKAMI is getting my vote.

Kipukai for me, is a no brainer to be on the council. Besides carrying one of the most noble names on our island, and being a direct lineal descendents of one of the highest Pio Lines Ali'i Mo'i of our island, (King) by the name of Kuali'i, who in history actually has the credit of being the first to actually unite the islands BEFORE Kamehameha did it, Kipukai has all of the birthright of his famous ancestor, and truly is an ali'i in the old style of the word.

He is highly intelligent, exceptionally even tempered, and listens to others opinions. He actually attends important meetings and has spoken out on the issues and does not have a pompous bone in his body. He treats everyone with respect, and does not mock poeple or raise his voice to people or try to shut them down when they may express an opposing viewpoint. I see Kipukai as someone who truly can work with everyone, and still create legislation that will actually be for the good of Kauais people.

Nadine is a fresh female face for the council which we sorely need with the evacuation of Lani Kawahara on the council. Although the council chambers has had a hard time keeping its female council members inside it, I believe that Nadine is finally the fresh face that can take the heat in the council chambers and keep at it for as long as the voters are willing to keep her there. She has an exemplary history and is even tempered an not pompous or a Diva in any way. She has a vast store of knowledge and is an empathetic person. She is not wishy washy, or a flip flop. She is confident without being stuck up. I support Nadine whole heartedly.

So please, give these fresh and deserving faces an opportunity to truly serve the people of Kauai.

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