Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dismantling the Mufi Hype

Breaking up the hype about Mufi. In this amazing video, Mufi claims his pride in his grandfather, who ceded two islands in Samoa to the US. So, how can Mufi Hanneman be in support of anything for Native Hawaiian Sovereignty? He can't. Because his values are to cede and deed lands to the US. That is his families heritage.

I will grant that Mufi has amazing accomplishments in his life, and I applaud him for that. However, after attending Harvard and being a Fulbright scholar, you would of thought that the man would have been more sensitive to the needs of the poor and homeless. Yet his policies have been cruel and heartless towards the homeless in his area.

You would have thought also, having attended Harvard and been a Fulbright Scholar that Mufi would have been more about the equal rights of others, such as gays. But Mufi has actively campaigned against gay rights.

Mufi is a Mormon. This religion cannot legislate fairly because of its many prejudices and personal philosophies. I know.; I am an ex-Mormon. I know what the Mormon church stands for. And it isn't equality and Justice for all.  The Mormon Church is an ultra conservative right leaning institution that only in recent history has allowed people of color to be full members of their church. That is a fact that cannot be denied. The Mormon Church has heavy influences in Samoa and Tonga, and fully most of the islands there are Mormons.

Hypocrisies about in his statements. He says that the people of Oahu gave a mandate in favor of the rail. However we know that there is large opposition to it in Honolulu and is as contentious as our own bike path has been.

In Kalihi where there has been a crack down against housing residents and curfews against other ethnicity's other then Samoans, (such as Tongans, the hereditary enemies of the Samoans, and others such as Micronesians) one can see where one sided tribal loyalties may significantly affect his ability to rule on matters regarding other Polynesian people such as Tongans, Cook Islanders and Micronesians. He has a new CD out in many languages including Hawaiian (Olelo). However, it is the University of Hawaii dialect. Something that many elderly speakers, and no Niihauans can understand well or at all.  Which shows no sensitivity to the outer Islands, especially Niihauans, who being very conservative Christians would probably like him./ If they could understand what the CD said. But his concern is not for the poeple of Niihau understanding him, obviously.

As far as Native Hawaiian rights go, Mufi has clearly stated that he is from a heritage that supported annexxation to the US. So how can Native Hawaiian rights get a fair deal under Mufi?  Since he is proud of the fact that his family ceded and happily the lands under their stewardship to the US, rather then continuing the heritage of the chiefly class. In Tonga, and in Samoa, many chiefs did not sign away the lands. That is why we have American Samoa, and Samoa, and Tonga separated. They still have their chiefly class.

Mufi claims to be  Democrat. Yet on many issues, He has sided more with Republicans then with Democrats, and has caused much division within the Democratic party because of it. His policies are not progressive, and he has proven that he legislated and makes decisions on issues based on his political and religiousbeliefs and does not accept the separation of church and state. This is  blaringly evident in his very vocal and public opposition to Bill 444. He is a vocal opponent of gay rights, and supports his religious belief's over the freedoms of others. On the environment Mufi has only done lip service to this, and was in favor of the SUperferry not doing an EIS before coming to the outer islands. This flew in the face of logic, and eventually the law. Thus the failure of the  Superferry of which he was a strong supporter. He had the audacity to make sttements here on Kauai that he would bring the Superferry back. It did not get a kind response from the audience. Which just goes to show how completely far removed he is from the feeling and sensitivities of the outer islands.

He has designed a railway system that has caused deep division among the people of Oahu. Will he want one here on Kauai" That is their biggest problem I have with Mufi. His Oahu ego centrism. Mufi, in this video says nothing about the outer islands. Not one single word. And I believe that is how he would Govern as well. From Oahu, for Oahu, by Oahu, all for Oahu. This is the single biggest issue facing outer island people today. The fact that we do not want to be ruled by Oahu any More, and are frankly sick of Oahu treating our islands like their back yards, and like second class citizens. I see nothing in Mufis record, or this video that changes my mind. Because he doesn't even talk about the other islands. Only Oahu.

Democratic leaders in name only who push a conservative Republican agenda. So, what really happens, is that Mufie and Dukie are both the same.
He stated, is that he is the first "native born" Mayor in 40 years.  That may be true, but he wouldcertainlynot be the first Native Born Governor. So that is a glass ceiling that has already been broken. I want a native born Governor that  isn't a coconut sell out. That's what I want.

What is really surprising, shocking and saddening to me, is that here we have two native sons, handsome Polynesian men with amazing educations and all of the opportunities in the world to really show how much about equality, equity, fairness and Love of land, love of people they can be. Yet, these two have chosen to both go to the conservative agendas. And the last candidate standing, although a bit shorter is a Caucasian gentlemen who has shown more understanding of what really matters to most local people then these two has. That truly makes me upset. It seems as if being a front for Conservative Christian White Jihad Domestic Terrorists in Hawaii has been the way of local politicians too long. To the point where it has become an embarrassment and a travesty.t

The election of Neil AMbercrombie would send a strong message to local politicians. The days of having to be conservative, and pander to white special interests so that they can put a local face on their prejudiced and racist agendas is no more. Those days are over. You can now really do, speak, say and be the way you really want to be. And Neil AMbercrombie not being and egocentristic person bent only on the interests of Oahu and being in favor of equal rights for all, and far more sensitive to native Hawaiian rights then Mufie or Duckie is, in my book a huge wake up call for both of them. This must transcend race, religion and familial alliances. This must be a logical decision that will not dishearten the people any more. The people can't take anymore. We need a champion that will fight for US.

And that for me is certainly not the conservative, gay bashing ego centristic all for Oahu Mayor of Honolulu.

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