Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Princeville Ag Gated Home in 25 Acre Tree Farm

So, according to the video, the emphasis was on the "Ocean View", and also, there was absolutely nothing said about the supposed agricultural nature of the "tree Farm", which was pretty much planted all around the house, and served more as a privacy blocker, since the forest was very close to one of the windows. Will be very interesting when the supposed tree s are harvested, in oh about 10 to 15 years.

Another thing that gave me red flags, was the price, a million and a half bucks and also, the comment from the realtor which reads:

@lehuastouch Aloha - yes it is a unique opportunity!  Listed this week at $1,050,000 - it looks like they'll be receiving an offer soon. If it's of interest, time to write an offer and include time to visit and inspect! Not sure the exact kind of trees - believe they are hardwood. I took a video of the drive into the home, and can email it to you. "Princeville Ag" is a country estate subdivision with a homeowners assocation and building guidelines. Please call or email for more info. Mahalo!
Susie4Kauai 1 week ago

SO, did this give you red flags yet? This is exactly the type of thing we wish to stop here on Kaua'i If you agree with me, then please, help to vote in people that will stop this sort of blatant abuse of our ag lands. Planting a "tree farm" is a misnomer, when your trees are 10 to 15 feet away from a million dollar house. The harvesting operation for trees such as this, and also you can also see that the trees are planted more as a bush line or windbreak. As a former tree farmer on a 50 thousand acre plantation and irrigater, I can tell you that for these trees to be harvestable, in about 10-15 years, you would have to cull about 9 out of 10 sapling trees on this property, or the trees would not be able to grow properly, and they would be sucking up exceptional amounts of soil and water from the soil layer, thus denegrating the soil badly.

Further, if you take this to its more logical conclusion, I defy the millionaire that lives here to be happy when workers start cutting down the trees 10 to 15 feet from the window.

Rest assured, the clearing will begin soon with a new prospective owner. The reason? Subtle little hints throughout the video, hint at clearing out some of the trees to get a better look at that ocean, of which you can only get a peek, and the forest (Not the trees for farming, it is called a forest), is kinda in the way.

This land will get the right to clear the land of a majority of its trees, because in order to be harvestable, it will have to be.  Clever, huh? I also love how this is booked to a prospective owner. Not as a farm, with a working operation but as a " country estate subdivision with a homeowners assocation and building guidelines".

Uh huh. 


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