Saturday, November 28, 2009

Daughter Is Chip Off The Old Blog

OK, so I have to do some mom praising stuff. Too bad if it embarasses the kid. Hey that is what parenthood was invented for, right?

I am so proud of my daughter carrying on our ohana legacy by getting involved with politics. She is recently joined an amazing group of young people on Kauai and around the nation called 

To say that I was just proud would be an understatement. Not only did she join the Democrat Party and register to vote, after an entire lifetime of schlepping around with me, her mother to political events, meetings and campaign stuff and sign wavings something rubbed off on her! The most amazing part of it, is this recent move of hers I knew nothing about until she told me.

Thanks to the influence of some nice young gentlemen she knows (yes, there actually are some out there), and some nice young ladies she is involved on something very positive that will encourage her to move foreward and get involved. More importantly as she keeps telling me, she does have independent thoughts from me on the issues. That is just a tad un nerving, but I know my daughter. She is a died in the wool liberal.

Suffice it to say my pride cup is overflowing. Now if she could only keep her room neat!

Love, Mom

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