Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting a leg up on the path-blogs (Got WIndmills and Kauai Eclectic)

Joan Conrow's Blog KAUAI ECLECTIC

OK, this has just been so much fun. It was great to try to respond to all the crazies on these blogs. It really taught me to refine what I am trying to say, what the opposition might think. (In many ways the opposition wasn't thinking at all, which made it real easy for me to come up with rebuttals), and showed me just how much fun one can really have trying to put idiots in their well deserved places.

If it wasn't for Joan and Andy, I really wouldn't know anything about blogging. Well, ok, I still don't.

Andy Parx was the very first person I ever saw in my life to do the kind of reporting he does. I first saw Andy on the TV many years ago, then read his columns and then drifted into the blog. I always get a laugh out of his insane, off the cuff sarcasm, but what I do like about Andy is that he has no ties that bind. I mean he can say whatever the heck he wants too. It is freedom of speech at its best. But what is so awesome about Andy is he does not hide behind an "anonymous" name to do it. He comes right out with it. Right in your face. Another thing is he deeply investigates each and every story he works on. He does not just make blind assumptions. Sometimes he injects some insanely ironic intelligent humour and observations of human fallacies in his discourses but hey, to be ripped apart by Andy, or praised by Andy are both a coveted medal of honor in the political world, trust me, I know. I'm, glad I'm usually one of the latter. Andy does not suffer idiots, and he does love to instigate stuff. Well, hell so do I.

Now, Joan on the other hand is scholarly, a complete lady...(OK wait, I am not saying Andy isn't scholarly he is of course, but he aint no lady. And I am not sure he exactly wants to be seen as a gentleman either. )

Joan takes a completely different tack but still injects complete confidence to call it like it is. The thing about Joan, like Andy is that they are more than willing to hear opposite points of view. But don't get sassy or cute with them, trust me. They can both rip you a new hole at 40 paces. Joan is a true environmentalist, a gifted and award winning writer, and like Andy she can see human foibles clearly.

So when I entered her blogworld I felt like a kid in a candy store. Here were posters that were exactly the kind of jerks I knew are out there but will never admit it publicly in the community and trying to guess if the people I am talking to were really the pea brained "anonymous" I just shot down in smoke and flames from a particularly deluded and racist comment on Joans blog. I look deep into their eyes and search for answers. If I see the guilty blush,  and they drop their eyes when I ask them if they do much blogging lately if I suspect they might be one of the  idiot anonymous's then I know. It is truly hilarious to see,

Not that all anonymous's are bad. Some actually make a lot of sense and agree with having a logical discourse. But it is then that the anonymous's turn on each other in a strange ritual of cannibalism and attempt to eat each other alive for daring to defend the "Named Ones".

So, thanks again, Andy and Joan.

And as I say many times before, (Granted these are my very own copyrighted sayings people. Go ahead, make them famous)

"Sarcasm is the wine of Irony".
"The battlefields of Idiots are the playgrounds of geniuses)

I also love another saying which I did not invent:

"To those that know, no explanation is required, to those that don't no explanation is sufficient.*

And on that note, I have a protest/sign waving/community meeting to attend.

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