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551.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Hello Governor,
Perez, Linda J (GOV) [linda.perez@alaska.gov]
Saturday, June 23, 2007 1:20 PM
gov.sarah@yahoo.com; fek9wnr@yahoo.com
Tibbles; Michael A (GOV); Nizich; Michael A (GOV); Spencer; Kari L (GOV); Fenumiai; Gail M
RE: Meals
You certainly may use the state credit card to purchase meals. In Alaska, the daily meal allowance
(per diem) is $60.00 per day and covers breakfast ($12.00), lunch ($16.00) and dinner ($32.00).
Outside the state the allowance follows federal per diem and varies by location. You and Mr. Palin
do not need to keep receipts for meals as we are only able to reimburse/pay the allowance amount.
These meal allowance limits apply only to your personal meals. The specific meal "allowance" would
not apply to the cost of your or the First Gentleman/family meals at official lunches or dinners, etc.,
that you, as Governor, may host while on travel status.
In travel status, you are entitled to the meal allowances except for in those instances where meals
are provided... ie, if lunch is provided to you at an official event, your daily meal allowance
reimbursement would be reduced by the lunch portion. If you use the state credit card for meals,
when we process the TA close-out, we either pay you any additional eligible meal allowance or we
deduct over-charges from other reimbursement checks. For example, if you charge $40.00 for meals
on a given day you will be reimbursed an additional $20 for that day. If your state credit card meal
charges.are $70.00 for a day, we will deduct $10.00 from your overall reimbursements. We do need
to know if the card charges include meals for other travelers in addition to yourself. That way we can
include all eligible meal allowances when determining if additional meal allowance is to be
reimbursed or if a portion of the charges need to be reduced from other or future reimbursements.
Governor, as you are the state employee and your duty station is Juneau, you are in travel status the
entire time you are out of Juneau unless you advise us otherwise. For Mr. Palin and your family, if
they travel on official business or in their official capacity as the First Family, we view them as being
in travel status for: the duration of travel to and from an event and for the actual time spent at the
event for meal allowance purposes (unless the meal was provided.) As requested, we have not paid
any meal allowances for your daughters to date. But as I mentioned to Mr. Palin, at any time you or
Mr. Palin request, we will calculate and pay applicable meal allowances for any of your daughters'
For Mr. Palin's official travel we are reimbursing for meal allowances when we receive enough
information to close out the TA. I believe we are 'batching' Mr. Palin's reimbursements so each trip
does not generate a check but rather one check for several trips . I would be happy to provide a
ROSTON 00591
Released to msnbc.com by the state of Alaska and presented by Crivella West
breakdown of what's been reimbursed and what's still pending that we're aware of to date. On your
travel and the family's travel, we're unable to complete final processing until my shop receives the
travel schedules and trip specifics and in some instances we may still be waiting information to close
out TAs. Anytime you do not want a meal reimbursement we've included on a TA, please just
scratch it out when we send the TA to you for review and signature and we will adjust the payment
Sorry to be so long-winded. Please let me know if you want any further info or specific travel
reimbursement breakdowns, etc.
Thank you,
----Original Message-----
From: Spencer, Kari L (GOV)
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:53 PM
To: Perez, Linda J (GOV); Fenumiai, Gail M (GOV)
Subject: FW: Meals
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From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:34 PM
To: Spencer, Karl L (GOV)
Cc: 'fek9wnr@yahoo.com'; Tibbles, Michael A (GOV)
Subject: Meals
ROSTON 00592
Released to msnbc.com by the state of Alaska and presented by Crivella West
Kari - pis forward to Linda Perez:
Am I supposed to be charging meals while I am away from Juneau? Or does per diem cover my
meals - I haven't charged any meals to the state, just a couple of coffees while Outside during these
six months in office. Am I doing this right?
What about Todd's meals if he's traveling for First Gentlemen duties? Is the intent for his per diem to
cover meals entirely, or was he to have been keeping receipts for reimbursements? What about
I'd like to be real clear especially going into July where we've been asked if we can be away from
Gov's House during renovations.
Thanks Linda- sorry to bug you about policy I'm still not clear on.
Thanks! SP
3 ROSTON 00593
Released to msnbc.com by the state of Alaska and presented by Crivella West

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