Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Canada tries the whole shutting down of Welfare offices. It was an absolute failure.


When Canada tried to implement this type of service, they never stopped using facve to face interview processes which are very important to determine if there is fraud involved. Also, the system managed to make many overpayments, and also many other problems were recorded. Further, in the US it is against the law to not provide services in the communities in which people live that are vital, such as health care, social security benefits, welfare, ect. Because Hawaii is a unique state, where land masses are separwsted by water, and only acessible by plane or boat, which is an undue financial burden for someone who has to get paperwok to workers, and operates on strict deadlines, or you lose access to benefits, shutting down regional offices is quite ridiculous. On Kauai there is ONE HCDCH office for the entire Island. Face to Face interviews are requited. Traveling time is difficult at best for some people. Eliminating face to face, also eliminates the human element and individuality of each circumstance of each individual application. It is akin to going to the doctor, but never seeing the doctor. This is a class action lawsuit ready to happen. And, It will.

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