Monday, March 29, 2010

3 new KIUC directors elected

3 new KIUC directors elected

Its not so easy to run for elected office. People who make it look easy, have practiced, know the issues, been out in the community attending meetings and doing the background work on issues. If you are not used to public speaking, my suggestions are to take a course at KCC to learn how to do it better. I did. I got an A!

Also, make sure you attend meetings. A lot of peiple do not know what is really going on at board meetings and things while others have done their homework or can site statistics to discuss talking points this is important in any debate. Knowing both sides of an issue is imperative to make informed and intelligent decisions. Something that more of our elected officials should try and learn.

So if the forum was stressful, just go back to the drawing board and try again. If you had enough guts to run the first time and you dont make it thats quitting when you could be a great contributor to the issues and the organization. I never quit. And i hardly ever succeed. But one day I will. You don;t get anywhere by giving up because it was hard one time. You have to keep trying. Thats why we dont have more people coming out for elected offices, and when they do its hard, so they quit.

In regards to Par Kegan, I am very dissapointed he did not win. But I think not enough people knew who he was yet. That will change. Pat will continue to put himself out there, and I think that he will be successful in the end. Go Pat, keep trying.

Well i have said my piece on this. Hope KIUC can shake things up and turn things around on Kauai, and stand FIRM on environemental responsibility.

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