Monday, March 29, 2010

Hannemann appearance on Kaua‘i draws crowd

Hannemann appearance on Kaua‘i draws crowd

I will not be voting for Hanneman. I do not live on Oahu I live on Kauai the outer islands have been ignored long enough. I will not vote for a conservative right leaning democrat that will not support civil rights for gays, and the homeless. Mufi has been an outspoken advocat AGAINST gay rights and has treated the homeless in hi9s own city as a less then human annoyance, like garbage littering the street. I will not be voiting for him. In my opinion he is not even center, and certainly not left of center. The republicans will LOVE Mufi as Governor. I have had enough of right leaning leaders thank you. My vote is for Neil Ambercrombie. If Mufi gets elected, trust me, I will be really annoying this guy to either get with the Democratic party platform of equity equality and compassion or go to the Republican party. I will not tolerate a theocratical hypocritical view of the world and the people of this state any longer I have lived through it and suffered through it for the last eight years. Lingles term as Governor can be describes as nothing short of Abusive to the people. We need a Governor who will appreciate and elevate the outer islands to equal standing on Oahu not treat us like second class citizens beholden to Oahu. NOPE. I say no to Mufi. And i doubt he can change my mind before the election.

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