Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did Rep Mizuno say something wrong? NO I heard him.

I was sitting in the very fromt seat of the March 10 meeting on Kauai. At no time did Representative Mizuno reference Linda Lingle, or single her out as the one who was giving contracts to freinds. He was speaking in general terms about the process and what happens sometimes with privatization.

I do not here what some poeple heard, this is the way I heard what he said. He did not say "Governor Linda Lingle is giving contracts to her freinds."

What he said was about process. "When privatization happens, its usually about taking care of your freinds.".

He did not say Linda Lingle was doing this. He was speaking in general terms.

How strange that she jumped on this statement, and missed everything else that was said in that meeting, including Cabanillas statements regarding public housing, which were more shocking thenn anything else in the whole meeting in my opinion.

Why dont you be shocked about important things, Lingle like shifting out housing residents who havent done anything wrong just becaue you think they have been there too long. Put them on the street to shift in the ones who are there now? Where do you poeple come up with this stuff.

Please do not make everybody go out and find out how many azssociates and campaign supporters of yours have copntracts with this state.

The question is not if Mizuno actually said these statements but if they are true.  In my opinion I am sure your hands are not clean in this matter. If they were you would not be making such a fuss. Me thinks you doth protest too much.

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