Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hawaii legislators considering 'safe zones' for homeless | | The Honolulu Advertiser

Hawaii legislators considering 'safe zones' for homeless | | The Honolulu Advertiser

Well the state has plans to evict LAW ABIDING RESIDENTS, just because according to them "They have been there too long, and we need the other poeple to come in off the street so they need to go." This applies even if you have been following the rules and paying your rent its not just about evicting people who on'rt pay their rent. They are going to make an arbitrary number, make it retroactive and say that everyone who has been living in housing, say oh for 10 years or more has to leave. They dont care where you go, you just have to leave.

It was confirmed to me by a credible source that housing would be offered to wealthier tenants because "The poor will emulate the rich when the rich live in public housing". This is a world for word quote from a public elected official. Further, the elected official went on to say that we would evict, and also get out those poeple that have been living there "intergenerationally". IE, the children and grandchildren are living in the units with say the mother.

Well, this brilliant plan forgets one simple fact. Public housing is the last option before homelessness. The next stop is the beach. It is the only housing where credit checks cant be used currently to keep you out. Now they will be doping even that. Iys the last place where you can truly only pay 30 percent of whatever money you have coming to you which in a lot of cases is really only a couple of hundred dollars or less even, when people are on a fixed income. A lot of housing
residents are women fleeing domestic violence with all of their children, or elderly residents and disabled. I was told by this same official, that elderly and disabled "will be given an apartment becasue they can never contribute to society really so we will just give them an apartment and thats it". These cold, heartless statements you would think came from a Republican, right? Wrong they came from a Democrat. A democrat i had always considered a freind to our cause. Not any more. If this is how the so called democrats feel imagine how the republicans feel.

Im sure shipping everybody off in trains to concentration camps would suit them just fine. If this angers you now is the time to stand up and do something about it NOW. Dpnt just wait to be sitting on the beach with your family after you have done nothing wrong being herded into a shelter like cattle to await your fate.

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