Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kaua‘i school funds to be used for O‘ahu special election

Kaua‘i school funds to be used for O‘ahu special election

wow what a slimey thing to do linkges boy dukie baby is running against neil for governor. he left early to concentrate on the campaign. so there needs to be a special election, there is supposed to be money in the election fund to cover this, or in the rainy say fund. but lingle siphoned off this money a long time ago so what does she do now? change the accounting ruiles so that any fund can be raided now, so she raids public school funding OF COURSE...from where? THE OUTER ISLANDS her private little trough that the dictator can siphon off any time she chooses. whats more she knows a lot of support from neil comes from the outer islands. so to enrage the citizenry against neil whom she sees as the biggest threat to the dukie she, the heartless queen of no heart she raids already strapped schoiol funding from all of the outer islands to pay for it knowing full well that some people will not know the truth. But most will. We arent stupid lingle. I know you see the unwashed masses as not good enough to exist and to be used at your beck and call whenever you want but not this time. Its time to impeach you. period. Lets the games begin Neil will get a ton more votes now because poeple will know the truth. We are gonna make sure they know.

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