Thursday, May 6, 2010

My take on the Political Congressional Debates and the Democratic Party

I would never n a million years vote for Ed Case. He got his chance we sent him home. I am by no means a tow the line Dem, and I often have not seen Colleen as personable enough and I have had major issues with her speaking style. But to let Djou in the door would be like letting Lingle Lunacy continue.

SO what do I do as a Democrat? I personally don't care what the Oahu centralized polls say. I will go with Colleen. It wont split the votes enough, because the Republicans can't vote for Case. Essentially the conservative wing of the Democratic party will vote for him. Virtually every single former Republican who has switched to the Democratic party will vote for Case. The more liberal and progressive voters will vote with Colleen.

It will be very telling to see just how the Republicans have infiltrated and very successfully the Democratic Party.

Just look at our current Mayoral race. I once told everyone I knew, watch if in 2010 the Republicans do not run a Mayoral candidate. If they don't it proves that their stranglehold on the Mayors administration is extremely strong. So strong and confident and blatent about it that they have no need to even run a candidate. They already have one. The Mayor. He is a Democrat. See the picture yet? Our party needs a major purging, period.

I think our party needs an enormous wake up call in this state. We have cow towed and bent over for conservative values and ideas for far too long.

For me the biggest issue is former Republicans who change parties and waltz into public office. To me that is highly repugnant.

We need to send the Republicans in Democratic sheeps clothing back to the "Party of Me, the GOP" and get back to the core values of the Democratic party which is to fight for and support the real people of this country, and to truly believe in equality equity and civil rights.

No one who voted against civil unions, or who has voted in favor of bills for creating laws that discriminate against people should be in public office period. I will not be supporting any Democratic candidate who has voted against the civil, equal rights of anyone or been a party to creating laws and voting in favor of laws that discriminate.

Don't be surprised who steps forward in the next election cycle. You can take that anyway you want to.

I hope my party heard that loud and clear. We need to get back to the party of Kennedy in this state.
We need to walk our walk. We need to stop pretending to be Democrats and start voting like Democrats.

It is my opinion that a third party would be very good for this country. Although I myself would not switch, I feel that can go two ways. Extreme Liberalism, and extreme Conservatism. We may even get 2 strong independent parties that can jostle with each other. Who knows, with more strong political parties in this country we may see much better who is actually for what. It may pull votes from both parties but it may also strengthen both parties.

If the conservative Democrats were to leave the Democratic party, and the Liberal thinking Republicans, and the ultra right wing militants were to leave the Republican party, you might actually see the two parties revamp themselves into a more purer form of what each party actually is supposed to represent.

To me, that can only enrich the political landscape. For me as a Democrat I would feel much better as well as I feel the quality of candidates would improve and confusing rhetoric would be lessoned. I believe strongly in the real Democratic party and I hope one day to see it return to its pure form.

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