Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wailua path project delayed amid Hawaiian protest

Wailua path project delayed amid Hawaiian protest

Posted up[ on Jopans blog under an assumed name, since everyone always blasts me apart wh4n I post on that blog.

Hats of and a deep respectful bow to the TRUE heroes of Kauai. The ones that step forward and put themselves on the line to stand up for their beliefs. The ones who are truly passionate and care about our island.

Anyone who thinks that white burials would be treated the same is clearly completely delusional and has no sense of the reality of what is going on.

Further the ENTIRE area of Wailua is SACRED. Period. No discussion, no debate.

The path is not meant to benefit all of the people of Kauai. The reason I say this is because it is not respecting all of the people of Kauai. It is not accessible to all of the people of Kauai in an equitable manner. It is not transportation and recreation but is now a multi use path, rather then giving a soft path for animals, running parralel including horses which are banned but dogs are not.

This path is like an arrow into the peoples heart. And its aim is swift and true. Take the clearest path to your goal no matier what, or who stand in your way. Somehow this is suppposed to equate it to a noble endeavor.

How does this path show our keiki to respect the aina? IT teaches them that concrete rules. That in order to have a place to play or ride their bikes they must travel long distances to enjoy the benefits. That anyone can do anything to their families bones because they are not respected,and their families don't even count as even deserving of the barest human dignity. These are the lessons the kids are learning from this poorly planned albatross hanging around our necks. No offense to the albatross.

This whole thing angers and sickens me. Taking something that began so simply and for a good cause, a bike path for transportation and recreation, and then just using it as a sledgehammer against everyone and causing all of this mess and conhusion just because a few people had their vision and plans and then started to cater to one certain group while shutting out everyone else is just a total debacle. This path will be a battle all the way to its bitter end. And will cause numerous lawsuits, numerous complaints, numerous heart aches and tragedies. Rather then planning the path in an intelligent and sensitive way, it has instead become a political statement weapon and tool.

Shame on everyone AUWE.

(check out Joan COnrows excellent blkog at Kauai Eclectic

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