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An Investigation: Who is the Ali'i Mo'i of the Mokupuni Of Kaua'i?

OK, to put this whole issue to rest. Here is the truth and the real history.

There are the sacred kapu cheifs and cheifesses of Kauai. THey were numerous.

But there are only 24 historically listed, accepted lines of Ali'i Mo'i class on Kauai. The overwhelming majority of these names carry the ancient naming codes of Kauai in them. Most names start with the letter K. There is not one single solitary reference to the name "Atooi" in any one of these names.

Above and beyond even the class of Alii Mo'i, there is the true, sacred lineage of the KAPU Cheifs of Kauai.
They were and are still called Alii Pio.

They are not "Customary Cheifs.". THey are even higher then Alii Moi.

On Kauai there were Moi's for different sides of the island, namely Westside, and northshore/Eastside. Our island has mostly been divided in this way.

Since the years of 1200.

There are 24 Historical Alii Mois, and their decendent lines.

IN an 1833-1910 Marriage records, there is one Aipoalani, from 1846, and 2 Kanakaoles from 1833 or therabouts. Both from the Westside.

However there are 52 Opunuis. These are the Pio lines. The purest blood in Hawaii.

Amung the records there are many with the Kauai surname. In almost one hundred years there is not one single name on either side of the records which shows the name of "Atooi".

All who know the geneology know that the history reflects in the names.

As I have stated all along, the ruling family is the Kawananakoas. There is written proof, a direct edict from the Queen, and the fact that the Kawananakoas are Kauai Pio lines, would also make Kauai the ruling house.

The cheifly names of the last more then one hundred years are numerous from the Westside.

I do not doubt that Dayne Gonsalves mothers side has enough blood to claim a konohiki status. OF that I have no doubt. These are minor wohi regional cheifly classes, the same rank as Kamehameha the 1, before he elevated himself with the help of the english and captain cook.

The geneology on his side reflects however, more ties to the big island, and Oahu then Kauai.

There are approximately 500 or so Pio names from Kauai. Pio names are ONLY found on Kauai, AND NO OTHER ISLAND!! By 1833, to 1910, about half of those remained.
These families had numerous marriages, and many were from the Westside, as well as the Puna, Waioli, Hanalei, and other areas.

However that is not enough to claim Ali'i Mo'i status, and certainly not the right lines to claim Pio.

However this is my opinion, however, I have intesively gone over the geneologies carefully.
The Aipoalani claims are from a Ali'i Mo'i from about the 16th century. However, Aipoalani was a retainer, and not the Mo'i himself. The Mo'i he traveled with was reviled, and removed from Kauai, and was hiding o0n Oahu, and was eventually murdered there. AIpoalani escaped, and lived to an old age, with living children. THe geneology however climaed only one AIpoalani on Kauai. That contrasts with the large families of the Pio and Moi classes on Kauai. Of the 3rd ALii Moi on Kauai from the 13th century, Laamaikahiki, by the 1833 census there was only one left on Kauai.

The Kanaka'oles are from a cheifly line, of course, everyone knows that. However they are a Big Island Ohana, with very minimal ties to Kauai.

Irregardless of all of this, according to the constitutions of Queen Liliuokalani, and her brother, the ascension to the thrones, and Moi status or governorships of the other islands, are inherent in their public proclamations which did claim that on the event of Ka'iulanis death without issue, that Prince David would be the heir apperent. And that his 2 sons and one daughter, would also carry that tittle of Princess, and Prince. That is why Princess Abigail, and Prince Quentin Kawananakoa, her nephew legally carry the title today.

The constitution clearly states that unless you are named in the line of succession you have no claim to rule as a Alii Mo'i. Further, it is required that you be elected and chosen by the council of cheifs.

On Kauai, that ascension, was given to several people during the constitutional government, from clear Pio lines.

After the death of Deborah Kapule, the QUeen {Liliu) named these to suceed on Kauai:

These were ALii Nui, and ALii:
* Ali'i George Humehume Kaumuali'i (by Kawalu), born 1798 on Kaua'i, he started a rebellion on Kauaʻi, challenging the rule of King Kamehameha II, but was defeated and forced to flee, only to be captured and exiled to Oahu where he died; married Elizabeth Peke Davis, born 12th February 1803, daughter of Isaac Davis, and his wife, Ali'i Kalukuna, and had issue. He died 1826.
o Ali'i Harriet Wahinekipi Kaumuali'i, born 1823 on Kaua'i, married 28th March 1837 in Honolulu, John Meek Jr., and had issue. She died 3rd September 1843 on Maui and lies buried at the Maria Lanakila Catholic Church on Maui.
+ Eli Meek, born 1839, married Kahanu'ulani Amoy, died 1930. He died 1875.
+ Robert Meek
+ Elizabeth Meek
* Ali'i nui Keali'iahonui (by Kapua'amoku), High Chief of Kaua'i, married 1stly, Opunuiokalani, married 2ndly, about 1825, Ali'i nui Elizabeth Ka'ahumanu, born about 1773 in Kauiki, Hana, Maui, died 5th June 1832 in Manoa Valley, Honolulu, daughter of Ali'i nui Ke'eaumoku Papaiahiahi, and his wife, Ali'i nui Namahana'i'Kaleleokalani, and had issue. He died after 1845.
o Ali'i La'amea Keali'iahonui (k), born 28th January 1825.
* Ali'i nui Kinoiki Kekaulike (by Kapua'amoku), married Ali'i nui Kuhio Kalaniana'ole, High Chief of Hilo, and had issue.
* Ali'i Kuki'iahu (w) (by Naluahi)
* Ali'i Nahinu (w) (by Makua)
* Ali'i Kamahelelani (k) (by Kekai Ha'akuloni)


* Honourable Ali'i nui KAUMUALI'I, Governor of Kauai [1795] – [26.5.1824] (see above)

* Honourable Ali'i nui KAHALAI'A LUANU'U, Governor of Kauai [1824] – [1825], son of Ali'i nui Kala'imamahu (see Hawai'i Island), and his wife, Ali'i nui Kahikuha'akoi, married 1stly, Ali'i nui Kuini Liliha, married 2ndly, Ali'i nui Elizabeth Kinau [Ka'ahumanu II], and had issue. He died 27th April 1826.

* Honourable Ali'i nui KAIKIO'EWA, Governor of Kauai [1825] - [10.5.1839], born 1765, son of Ali'i Ka'ianaukupe Kaolohaka-a-Keawe [Ka'ianaukupe], and his wife, Ali'i Kekiko'ola Lalanikauleleaiwi, he was a friend and supporter of Kamehameha and became a gaurdian of King Kamehameha III; married 1stly, Ali'i nui Kalanikaulihiwakama, married 2ndly, Ali'i Emelia Keaweamahi, Governor of Kauai (see below), and had issue, two daughters. He died 10th April 1839.
o Ali'i nui Kuwahine (w) (by Kekiko'ola Lalanikauleleaiwi)
o Ali'i nui Likelike (w) (by Kalanikaulihiwakama)

* Honourable Ali'i nui Emelia Keaweamahi, Governor of Kauai [1839] – [1842], she succeeded her husband in the post of Governor of Kauai (see above).

* Her Excellency Ali'i nui Anna Keahikuni'ikekau'onohi, Governor of Kauai [1842] - [1844], born about 1805, daughter of HRH Prince Kahoanoku Kinau (see Hawai'i), and his wife, Ali'i Kahikuha'akoi. She died 1847.

* His Excellency Ali'i PAULO KANOA K.C.K., K.C.H., Governor of Kauai [21.10.1846] - [4.1.1877], born 1802 in Kahalu'u, South Kona; started out as a clerk to the Governor of Oahu; Knight of the Royal order of Kamehameha Ist, Grand Officer of the Royal Crown Of Hawai'i; Member of the Privy Council of State; Member of the House of Nobles; married 1stly, Ali'i Kahana'auwai, married 2ndly, 8th October 1842, Ali'i nui Kapau (she married 1stly, Ali'i nui Ka'a'aikaulehelehe, and had issue, see below), and had issue. He died 10th November 1885 in Honolulu.

* His Excellency JOHN EDWARD BUSH, Governor of Kauai [4.1.1877] - [1880], born 15th February 1843, Minister of Finance [20.5.1882] - [8.8.1882]; Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs [19.8.1880] - [22.9.1880]; Minister of the Interior [14.8.1880] - [27.9.1880] and [8.8.1882] - [14.5.1883]; married 1stly, Maryanne Peters, daughter of John Peters, and his wife, Mele Ka'aiawa'awa Napiwai, married 2ndly, Mary Julia Glennie, born 14th March 1868, died 7th June 1932, daughter of William Munson Glynnie, and his wife, Kealohapau'ole Kamakaiwi, and had issue. He died 28th June 1906.
o John Edward Bush, born 31st January 1890.

* His Excellency FRED WILLIAM KAHAPULA BECKLEY, Governor of Kauai [16.8.1880] - [7.1.1881], born 26th November 1845 in Waimea, son of William Charles Malulani Beckley, and his wife, Kahinu Ho'olulu (see Maui), married December 1867, Emmaline Kailikapulono Metcalf, born 5th March 1847 in Honolulu, died 21st April 1929 in Honolulu, daughter of Theophilus Metcalf, and hi's wife, Kailikapulono, and had issue. He died 7th January 1881 in Honolulu.
o Sabina Kahinu'okekuaokalani'akea'olekeleke Beckley, born 17th October 1868 in Honolulu, married 30th December 1889, William K. Hutchinson, died 14th March 1943, and had issue. She died 25th January 1935 in Honolulu.
o Charles Kapahukui Beckley, born December 1872 in Honolulu, died 29th April 1873.
o Fred William Kahapula Beckley, born 7th May 1874 in Honolulu, married Alice Heanu, and had issue. He died 20th December 1943.
o Charlotte P. Beckley, died 26th October 1895.
o Emily R. Beckley, died 28th December 1904.
o Fredericka Wilhelmina Kailikapuolou Beckley, born 1880, married 1905, William Farewell Jones Naki. She died 24th August 1911.

* His Excellency PAUL P. KANOA, Governor of Kauai [12.1.1881] - [1886], son of Ali'i nui Ka'a'aikaulehelehe, and his wife, Ali'i nui Kapau (see above); he served as Minister of Finance [30.6.1886] - [1.7.1887].

* His Excellency LANIHAU, Governor of Kauai [31.7.1886] - [1888]

* His Excellency WILLIAM HYDE RICE, Governor of Kauai [8.2.1892] - [28.2.1893], born 23rd July 1846 in Punahoe, Honolulu, son of William Harrison Rice, and his wife, Mary Sophia Hyde, married 17th October 1872, Mary Waterhouse, born 26th July 1847, died after 1928, daughter of John Thomas Waterhouse, and his wife, Eleanor Dickenson, and had issue. He died 15th June 1924 in Hawai'i.
o William Henry Rice, born 24th June 1874 in Lihue, Kaua'i, married 8th June 1897 in Honolulu, Mary Agnes Girvin, and had issue.
+ William Harrison Rice, born 26th January 1901, married Olivia Le Bosquet, died 25th June 1930, and had issue. He died 5th May 1974.
# Henry Harrison Rice, born 26th February 1929, died April 1983.
+ Paul Girvin Rice, born 14th April 1903, died 14th May 1981.
+ Richard Hans Rice, born 20th May 1906, died 30th January 1966.
+ Mary Dorothea Isenberg Rice, born 26th January 1911, died 1st February 1988.
o Charles Atwood Rice, born 12th September 1876 in Honolulu, died 1964.
o Arthur Hyde Rice, born 25th July 1878 in Lihue, Kaua'i.
o Mary Eleanor Kaonohilani Rice, born 25th November 1880 in Lihue, Kaua'i, died 22nd January 1923.
o Anna Charlotte Rice, born 5th August 1882 in Lihue, Kaua'i.
o Harold Waterhouse Rice, born 10th November 1883 in Waikiki.
o Philipp La Vergne Rice, born 22nd July 1886 in Lihue, Kaua'i.
o Emily Dorothea Rice, born 30th September 1889 in Lihue, Kaua'i, died 1975 in Honolulu.

List of Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi

The known independent rulers were:(That means without overrule by another island Mo'i)

* Moikeha 1st Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Haulanuiaiakea 2nd Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* La'amaikahiki 3rd Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Ahukini-a-Laa 4th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kamahano 5th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Luanu'u 6th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kukona 7th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Manokalanipo 8th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kamakamano 9th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kahakuakane 10th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kuwalupaukamoku 11th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kahakumakapaweo 12th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kalanikukuma 13th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kahakumakalina 14th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kamakapu 15th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kawelomahamahaia 16th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kawelomakualua 17th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kaweloiankanaka 18th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kawelo'a'maihunali'i 19th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kuali'i ? - 1730 20th Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi and 19th Alii Aimoku of Oahu
* Peleioholani 1730 - 1770 21st Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi and 22nd Aliʻi Aimoku of Oahu
* Kamakahelei 1770 - 1794, 22nd Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi
* Kaumuali'i 1794 - 1810, 23rd Aliʻi Aimoku of Kauaʻi

Ever single one of these family have PIO lines, or at least the level of ALi'i Nui. AS you can see, we even had a female Governor of Kauai as well.

Further, I want everyone to note, NO WHERE is the word ATOOI ever used in any of these official documents including the documents issued by prominent historians oif HAWAIAAN ANCESTRY.

There is not ONE SINGLE CHANT that I can recall, remember or find. I havd even called other Kumu Hulas who are renowned and respected. I have consulted renowned Native Hawaiian geneologists. I have searched and searched in hope of validating just for my own peace of mind the claims that Kauai was EVER called ATOOI.

hHat I did discover, however, was that the recollections of my hanai ohana, who have passed on correctly told me of other names of Kauai. Most notably that of Kauai Mano Ka Lani Po. This Alii Moi was the only King of Kauai to have his name linked to the island, and it carried on that way for hundreds of years. It still remains in chants and moolelos today.

There is the older sacred name of Kauai as well. There is also the renaming of Hanalei from its former name of Hale Le'a, but the ahupuaa remained the same.

There are the expected names of "Opu", "Moo" and "Maka" names and the "Kawahine" names that dominate the Pio lists. Further, the Kawelo dynasties and others such as the Keawe lines as well. These are the solid Moi lines.

I do not write this to be offensive, hewa, rude, mahaoi or niele. I write it because I am a historian, a chanter, and a keeper of Moolelo, and geneologies are part of what I do. Because I beleive so strongly in the Monarchy, and the cheifly class, I study this intently and have increased my study over the last 10 or so years.

The cheifly class is alive and well. But we must follow a constitution. A proper one. One that has already being done. There is no reinventing of the wheel. But there is something called "jumping the gun".

I sincerely hope there is no offense in this posting. But I had to do it, much as it pains me to do it.

I have personally met Prince Edward and Princess Abigail. My hanai dear Gramma Rachel supported their claims. As does most of Hawaii Nei. To now have Dayne claiming to be the King of Kauai, is something I would like nothing better but to prove. I tried using whatever tools I had at my disposal. But in the end, I have to conclude, based on the facts at hand, that at least for the overall Moi status there is just not enough evidence there to suggest that he has a strong enough claim to it.

The facts are the facts and cannot be changed, that the Kawananakoas are not only the Moi of Kauai, but also the Pio lines, and are the Heir apperents. TO all of Hawaii, as deemed by her Majesty, Queen Liliuokalani, according to the Hawaiian Constitution and the council of Cheifs. Because the Kawananakoas are alive and well, and the direct issue of blood is unbroken, at this time, they are the legitimate heir apperents to both Kauai, and the entire Mokupuni Pae AIna. However, I am sure that when they are restored to their rightful place, they may seem fit to bestow upon Dayne the title of Alii Mo'i if they choose to, or the title of Alii Nui, or ALii, or Konohiki Nui, or konohiki Iki. Whatever is bestowed upon Dayne, I am sure that he will make a kind, generous and benevolent cheif.

But I do have to say that through all of this investigation I have surely learned a lot. And now I have even more knowledge of the geneologies and histories then I did originally and a lot more to keep stored away in my memory.

ALoha no.
Anne Punohu

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