Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just sayin' -- There's more to Hawaii than just Oahu

Just sayin' -- There's more to Hawaii than just Oahu

Excellent article by a fellow blogger. Please read regarding the significance of the neighbor island vote in the gubernatorial election


  1. Mahalo nui for posting my blog. I have added you to my blogroll on All Hawaii News.

    I think you are quite correct about the personality of Kauai. Two stories seem to sum up the spirit of that island. obviously, the Superferry. Those photos of the folks on surfboards facing off with that mammoth ship were priceless, no matter which side of the Superferry debate folks were on.

    The other one is the story of the mongoose and how it was imported (with very little aforethought, apparently) to combat rats in the plantations. But when the mongoose shipment reached Kauai, I am told, the little critter bit the dockworker there and he threw them into the harbor, resulting in one less invasive species on that island. If true, that's a helluva statement about the independent thinkers on your beautiful island.


  2. Mahalo, and what an honor!!. In regards to the SUperferry, I am in the book writen in collaboration with local author Koohan Paik, and very proud of that. Guotes from my time at the microphone at the infamouse meeting on Kauai with the Governor were recorded in it. Kauai is indeed unique.

    I am a character I think more than a personality. Or a real character of a personality. Not quite sure which haha.


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