Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Public Housing Whitewash Article, and I will be calling up Shaun on Monday!

new ideas for public housing - Hawaii News -

With the flurry of public debate, and my relentless fight to attempt to get someone to listen to the actual housing residents, it has been my biggest problem to find poeple willing to speak out. WHy? From the exact fear, you hear echoed in these and other articles. I for one do not fear speaking out. But many others do. Perhaps it is becasue on Kauai we have a very good management team here that is empathetic, takes calls about repair issues, fixes them promptly as best as they can, and the office staff is kind and considerate.

But in other parts of this state, that is obviousely NOT the case. When it comes to repairs, we, in our housing complex are currently awaiting a new sewer system to fix the one that has been backlogging and causing a horrible stench now for ovwer a year, backflowing into our yards. We have 2an entire building that is boarded up and uninhabitable, as well as another 2 bedroom unit. Since we only have 8 units here, it is very noticeable. We have heard that these units will be getting repaired soon. People have been here, looking at it, and we are hopeful that those units will soon have families in them, since the building has 2 four bedroom units and can accommodate 2 large families.

The plan to evict law abiding, rule following and good tenants is for one thing, more then likely unconstitutional, and as I continue my quest for an attorney to represent us should that happen for a class action lawsuit more then likely very expensive for the state. I plan on contacting Sean Donovan's office, hopefully my last name (maiden) might help since it is the same as his, and we can get some dialogue going on this.

Public housing is currently the ONLY permanent housing solution for Hawaii residents who sincerely cannot afford more then 30 percvent of their incomes. Besides some minimal county projects, this is it. So, if you evict people who have been there for years, because there IS NO OTHER OPTION, not because they are "lazy, and need a wake up call, and need to go back to the beach to wake themselves up", a more or less direct quote from the rogue Democrat Representative Cabanilla. you are asking for the state to potentially be paying out millions of dollars in legal fees and restitution to those possibly slated to be evicted.

This is trul;y the states negligence, the real estate industries greed, and the legislature and the governors short sightedness on the true housing issues in this state.

While they have waxed blossomed cheeked over their apperent "triumphs" of so called "affordable housing", and so called "gap housing" for the middle class, the truly suffering have really had no options. As I have said time and time again, these are single mothers with kids, who just can't make it out there in the housing market who need a roof over their kids heads, so they are following the rules, keeping their hyeads down and trying to be good tenants so they can stay year after year in order to raise their children.

As to any idiotic fools who think that anyone in housing gets a free ride, you have to pay rent to live in public housing, as well as pay utility costs as well. SO what in the heck are you talmking about? The general public seems blind to the fact that the residents of public housing are elderly, disabled, and the WORKING poor, many si9ngle parents. Where would you like them to go? On the streets? As a punishment for WHAT exactly? The crime of being elderly? The crime of being disabled? The crlime of being single, working poor parents of children? This is somehow a crime punishable by eviction? You want top put these people out on the sreet to put in the homeless that are on the street now? So they can liove there another 10 yhears or so, while you still WHINE about the homeless on the street? Does anyone else think this is ludicrous, preposterous, and also might I add unconstitutional and defendable in a court of law, where the outcome is state=0, evicted residents of public housing =one million per ?

Use your heads, and get a grip. Shaun, my freind, I got ya on speed dial. Talk to ya on Monday!!

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