Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mel Rapozo : Blog Just say NO to the TVR bill-TODAY AT COUNTY COUNCIL

Mel Rapozo for Kauai County Council : Blog

I stand with Mel Rapozo, encouraging everyone to please vote no on th TVR ag bill exemption process which has become tainted with the many antics both in the council chambers and out of it. THe latest antics, are what is being called the "beer summit", when county attorneys visited Dickie Chang with beer, and they discussed the TVR bill at his house.

This bill is flawed for many reasons. It allows TVRs that were operating to come foreward for a exemption and to be allowed to continue to operate. It is being proposed out of fear that 77 landowners will sue the county if they can't have thier cake and eat i9t too. Screw us, screw real ag, these guys want the mansions on the hills, and the "gardeners and landscapers", to make it look pretty for the million dollar guests they will be bringing to the property. Forget food production. Forget farming. These are NOT farmers.

ALSO: today is the vote for the "farm worker housing bill". I have told council over and over, there is a Federal law, that says if someone is on your property as a farm laborer you HAVE to provide housing for them. This bill is too restrictive, and prevents some farmers from providing housing. It also gives a HUGE loophole for "woofing", which is actually tourism, and a step down from the luxury accommodations of some TVRs, but its the same thing, different smwell.

In BOITH cases, the county is trying to recreate the wheel. The process for TVR's is already written into chapter 205. The process for farm ag workers is already written into the State, and Federal law. Further, in thye case of the farm worker bill, the structures haver to be temporary, therefor,, true farmers cannot ask for federal help to build the housing, as that has tpo be permanent.

Please come to council today. For more on the beer summit, visit Joan Conrows blog, Kauaieclectic.

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