Friday, December 18, 2009


This is ridiculous.

Here is how this breaks down. The Union wanted to increase bus fees. The leg admitted it costs more for gas, employee costs, ect. But lawmakers refused to increase the bus service dues.

This meant the DOE would run out of funds to keep the bus service going. SO the lawmakers said oh well too bad. So now, the bus will not be rinunning past march.

This will force most children to walk to school, if they live a mile and a half from their school. That means on dangerous shoulders on the highways, across places where there are no stoplights, and in the pitch dark at this time of year.

What is the matter with those lazy parents you say? Well, popular to local folklore, Hawaiis parents sometimes work 2 jobs to support their children. They have to get up early for work. Hence the I cant take the kids to school, you will take the school bus.

I was one of those parents. I worked overnight, came home at 6 30 and collapsed. My kids had to learn how to take the school bus.
Not only that, My daughter lives miles from school.  We have no Jr High in our area, and next year she starts High School which is even farther away. Encouraging the kids to get off the school bus and onto the county bus service would be disastrous. How are you going to pack 60 kids onto our county buses? You arent.

Do the buses coordinate with the times for school? No. Why? Becasue there are school buses for that. Will the sceduals change? Will the Kauai bus add more buses? HEY TOO BAD THERE ISNT A NICE WALKING BIKE PATH THAT IS SAFE FOR THEM TO GET THE !@ MILES TO SCHOOL< HUH?

Ok to say that I am !*@&#%!&@#%  about this is a huge understatement. A phonecall to the governors office from me today got me this response:

"It is the unions fault. We gave them money. They have to figure it out  Well, we actually gave them a lot less money so they had to prioritize. Classes, or no classes, school bus or no school bus. It was their choice. We are not going to give them any more money.

Hey Lingle, I hope you enjoy your holiday season WE won't.


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