Sunday, March 7, 2010

Afghanistan Womens prison, where women must raise their children.

fghanistan Womens prison, where women must raise their children.

In the US we dont have prisons for families. OR DOWE? Yes, sadly we do. THe INS houses families waiting for esportation in unused prisons and baracks all over this country. However, the womens prison in Afghanistan are very difficult. But they are struggling and trying to gain there freedom. Most are in there for violating SHARIA law. IE if you are raped, you go to jail, and must give birth to your rapists cjild and care for it.

THis anout that. DO you really think it could NOT happen in this country? Christian right extremists want abortion outlawed in the case of rape or incest and want to ban all contraceptition and they advovcate abstinence. this will undermine already shakey rape laws, and make the woman a partner in the crime.


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