Sunday, March 7, 2010

GOTV IRAQI style..lets see if we can keep up


A the brave Iraqis go to the poles, the DEM party on Kauai needs a shot in the arm of adrenaline. We need a complete PURGING of our party of dead wait, former Republicans who still ACT and THINK and VOTE like Republicans who are just in our party to pander for votes. WE NEED to get back to what is the CORE of our Democratic Party. We are asleep at the wheel while the Repubs are FROTHING and FOAMING at the mouth beating up on our Prez and obstructing the wheels of governmnt and justice in this country.

Can we at least be as brave as the Iraqi people? I can guarantee you that in this country if buildings were being blown up like they are in Iraq and everyone was threatened with being shot, we wouldnt have the guts to vote.

Well, I would. But I dont know about the rest of you. HEY DEMS GET YOUR SPINES BACK AND LETS MOVE IT.

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