Sunday, March 7, 2010

News Hounds-We Watch FOX so you dont have to GLENN BECK HATES PUBLIC SCHOOL

News Hounds

SO, here is a series of you tube videos with the latest Glenn Beck rants. He asks poeple to give up their social security benefits, becasue those are entittlement programs. He also rails against public education. Yep, this guy Beck? I bet the Tea baggers LOVE that idea. As much as they HATE to pay taxes, they LOVE their retirement and SS benefits LOL.

He is mad that the government is teaching immigrant children. Well, Glenn when your parents came here they were immigrants. I mean look at you, there isnt a SPECK of blood other than white in here.

Now, when Glenn starts talking about WHY the Mayflower landed, he said that poeple were tired of being told what to do. Well crap you are telling peple what to do. So, where do we sign up to send you back to England?

By the way, he is railing against progressives now. Yeah LORD FORBID we should ever progress in this country.

THat, Glenn will destroy us even faster than socialism. Its called FACISM...that is what the Republican is. He starts telling poeple to pull theri kids out of public school. He also accuses poeple of anusing their children if they send them to public schools, and then wonders if the state should come and take your children away if your send them to public school!! OMG!! THIS GUY IS CERTIFIABLY NITS>

THen, he starts to say...IM FOR THE EARTH THE EARTH IS GOD.

Cool. See ya at the next Greenpeace, rally there Glenn !! HAHAHAHAHA

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