Sunday, February 28, 2010

The 1946 tsunami 

The 1946 tsunami 

Many of our Aunties and Uncles now deceased lost family members on the North Shore of Kauai, notably gramma nancy becasue she told me the story of it. Said a lot of poeple tried to hang on to Haena church, there used to be a church and a school in hawena where poeple that were from na pali and kalalau went to school. She told me everyone lost children that day. SO stop calling us chicken little and say we overreacted. That was the strongest known earthquake in a ll history. Yesterdays one was one of the strongest as well. It made sense to evacuate. Yes, I know the last one was in 1960, but our last hurricane was in 1992. SO should we stop evacuating and preparing? NO. So all of you recently arrived land locked mainlanders, really just need to be quiet. You love smack dab in the middle of nowhere now on small islands that are in tsunami paths and hurricane paths. get used to it. stop whining when roads are closed and your little events are cancelled. This is for the protection of our people. If you dont like it move back to the mainlandf

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