Sunday, February 28, 2010


OK look, people. I do not want everyone I know to be able to run around the streets with guns. Why? Well for one thing this aint the wild wild west. For another, I don't want guns in the wrong hands. FOr another, I dont want a hatfeilds and McCoy situation around here and in this country. For another, want to talk racial riots unrest and revolution? Giove everyone the right to bear a firearm, and the right to carry it in public, how will the police and anyone ever keep order?

Can you just see the tea baggers storming the white house and trying to overtake the country? I can. Thats why they want this. SO that they can get the right to carry UNCONCEALED weapoonry and threaten the government with overtaking it. Thata how PISSED they are that a black man runs the country.

Of course black people and all people, of race and color will NEED to arm themselves of course, to comabat all of the KKK who is going to be packing heat. Can you say chaos and disorder? Can you say Arizona shootout with Texas? How about neighboring states going to war with each other? How about neighboring CITIES going to war with each other?

What would stop armed Oahu citizens from coming to Kauai and taking us over by force?

Or all of the outer islands arming themselves and going to Oahu and taking over the government?

Do you see how this WONT work? Lets have some reason and sense for goodness sakes. ALets see the underlying reasons for all of this. ITs that there is a growing movement in this country very thinly disquised to overthrow a Black Mans administration in this country. To do that they need a revolution. To do that they need to be armed. SO if you cant see the writting on the wall, just watch this, and see the prejudiced, thinly disquised "OATH KEEPER" reporting.

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