Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneering Catty Fox Reporters Irresponsibly hint that the Country can fail if the people revolt

OK so first of all, OBAMA got most of the money back from these guys took the money back, and did the rtight thing. Lets see, WHO IS GIVING THESE GUYS BONUSES? BUSH< BUSH ONE< REAGAN> COME ON POEPLE>

But anyways, if these REPUBLICANS wanted to stop bailouts where in the HELL were they during both Bush presidencies?

By the way, this is a republican caused problem not a democratic one, but as usual FAUX would not know if now the truth if it bit them in the ass. They CANNOT tell the truth or be fair and balanced (HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT), becasue if they were, then the tea bagger racist drooling gun powder soaked brains of the redneck biblethimnper white sheet wearing uncle tom typed that they all cater to would have nothing to lkisten too.

Face it FOX NEWS IS THE ANTICHRIST!! Go ahead, listen to your false god. Listen to your charismatic leaders. Liosten to your fearmongering all powerful FOX news that you cannot turn away from. If they told you to murder your first born would you? WHo knows. Talk about BRAINWASHING. ITs a CULT not a tv news station.

YOU ALL NEED DETOX!! IRRESPONSIBLE!! They are just DCOPYCATTING what they see on LEGITIMATE news organizations and playing dress u[p.

Remember when you wanted to play grown up when you were a kid? With all of the miniature toys, and wearing clothes and pretending? THATS FOX NEWS>

WHEN in the HELL will we pull the plug on FOX? JUST LISTEN to how these poeple report to a brain damaged following of FOX lunatics. ANd these people are packing guns and pissed. COME ON people.

Listen to what they say. It is so easy to manipulate weak minds. The very same poeple who claim that they are being manipulated by a commuunist regime in the mainstream media and the public school system are doing the exact same darn thing

When you start to talk about a country can fail, yadda yadda yadda, and let that soak into the alchoholic gun powdered soaked brains of most of the hatemongering, fearm,ongering right wing exptremist gay hating lunatics that only watch FOX news and nothing else, and then show a totally WRONG chart showing comparising the BUSH 8 years against the Obama ONE YEAR, and say that the whole country across the board agreed with the Bush admin 90-80 PERFCENT!!!!????? which is of course a TOTAL lie, and then continue to harp that PRESIDENT OBAMA is causing the situation we are in, when the BUSH admin had an innaugeral parade where people threw rotten food at him, how can this "News" comedy show still not be pulled as a matter of national security?

I worry every single day this newcasting is allowed to continue that enraged tea party baggers packing heat will enter our communities start shooting people and try to take over the government!!

SO check out this lunatics, and call the station and tell thenm to stop compromising our national security by thinly veiling their reporting to get a gun, have a revolution, and take over the country

PS also, please. None of you know what the hell you are talking about. You are all spending a lot of money over there to build sets and stages that look like cnn, eeear suits, and play dress up. Leave the reporting and news stations to the people with actual experience, credibility and some sort of knowlege.

By the way. dont worry. None of you need to benefit from the stimulous package at FOX. so please, dont be jealous when other people have jobs, and your whole career lies on catering to drooling at the mouth gun toting airheads, racists, right wing chrustin nut jobs, losers and insane people.


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