Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glenn Beck EPIC FAIL at being a College Professor

OK for someone that thinks the Prez is an elitest college progfessor type, and joins the Idiot CHorus harping on the fact that Republicans USED to be in favor of civil rights and equity, and MY assertion that parrties change their opinions a nd directions over reps were dems and dems were reps and progressives were repubs and now they are dems. OK so Beck tries to be a scholarly type of guy which cracks me up becasue he has no higher education than the 12 grade, well MAYBE.

SO, Beck, sit down, just becasue you got yourself a chalkboard, some chalk, and then wore a suit jacket with jeans and actually took your medication just before the show does not make you intelligent.

THe other interesting part were the strange, prejudiced answers from your cronies who also wanted to sound professiorial on cllegiate.

My guess? That anyone who wished they had gotten a higher education but refused to do so because they thought it would turn them into a commie marxist democrat wanted to play a game pretending they had an education. Its so much fun to play dress up.

I was particularly sickened with the opne gentleman talking about gun rights and tyrants, a clear reference to the Obama administrations perceived threat, and the right wing radical group of the "Oath keepers."

Watch this, have a good laff and just write these guys off as the fake pseudo intellectual uneducated arm chair quarterbacking nothing better to do with their time lunatics they actually are, and just dismiss them outright.

But then I like comedy shows like the next guy, and Becks pathetic attempts to sound intelligent.

However I must say that I beleive his presentation to be highly irresponsible due to its thinly veiled asasertion and instigation to have a revolution in the vountry and overturn the American government becasue a black man is leading the country right now. THese people are hatemongering, fearmongering, and dangerous to our countriesd national security.

But then thats just my opinion. As long as we view them as the comedy act they are we have nothing to fear.

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